Is John Cena dating one of the WWE divas?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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No he is married now.

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Q: Is John Cena dating one of the WWE divas?
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Who is WWE's john cena dating?


Which 3 WWE divas has john cena dated?

Cena has never dated a Diva! He has been with his wife Liz since they were 17.

Is John Cena Dating?

I don't believe John Cena is dating someone. He has kissed some wwe divas though. I know he has kissed Maria and Mickie James. He was engaged at one point but he broke it off because he was away from home to much. March 2009 John and Liz are getting married in July 2009 Cena himself confimed this in an interview last month.

Is John cena dating aj?

No, she is dating Brent Frost in real life.

Does John Cena has a girlfriend on WWE diva?

John Cena is not dating a diva at this time. the only Diva he has ever dated was Mickie James.

Who is wwe daneil byran dating?

Daniel Bryan is dating Brie Bella! And, John Cena is dating Brie's twin, Nikki!

Is John Cena is going out with eve?

No, please note WWE is written by writers. John Cena currently has a wife. So really he is NOT dating Eve Torres.

Is john cena merrid?

Now he is not married. He is currently dating the wrestler known as Mickey James in the WWE.

Will john cena from WWE get to be free of nextus or be fired from the WWE on raw?

john cena did get rehired

Which WWE superstars and divas are dating in 2012?

currently none are dating each other

Who is Maria from WWE dating?

no one at the moment but she has dated cm punk santino marella and john cena i wish she was still with cena

Who is WWE eve Torres boyfriend?

John Cena Her boyfriend is not John Cena he is married! she is dating one of the wrestling in development