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Q: Is James Stewart the best dirt bike rider in the world?
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Who is the best motox rider in the world?

james stewart or ricky carmichael

Who is the best motocross rider ever?

Ricky Charmicheal is by far the best motocross rider ever. He has won the most Championships and races. James Stewart is the best that is still active. And then It will be Ryan Dungey.

Who is the best Supercross racer in the World?

Right now its James Stewart, It was Ricky C.

Who won an Academy Award for The Philadelphia Story?

James Stewart (Best Actor) and Donald Ogden Stewart -no relation to James- (Best Screenplay).

Who is the best pro motorcross rider of the world?

James Stewart is the best because he won the most main events in the history he rules at table tops, jumps, wops, and all. But when it comes ruts Chad Reed will steal victory. All in all I would put my money on Stewart. chad reed couldn't win the championship when he crashed James in the first race and James got 18. he had to ride dirty and try to crash James in the last race to try to win. shows you what kind of rider he is. How about dude ^ I think chad reed and James stewart are both equals they both fought each other it aint dirty riding its called fair play hard rough riding like champs do.

Who is the best moto gp rider?

Valentino Rossi is the best MotoGP rider in the world

Who did not win best actor in the 80s?

James Stewart.

Best motocross racer in the us?

James Stewart.

Who is the best bmx street rider?

Nathan James slaughter

Is Ellen whitaker the best horse rider in the world?

shes been voted the best lady rider

Who is the best Motocross Rider who is not retiered?

In the US it would be either Stewart or Reed. Stewart is faster but crashes a lot whereas Reed is much more consistent.

Who is the best freestyle bmx rider?

Corey Milne Is the best ever known freestyle Bmx Rider in the World

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