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Jackie Chan was the Olympics Ambassador for the 2008 games and appeared in both the opening and closing ceremonies, but he was not a participant in the Games as such.

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Q: Is Jackie Chan in the 2008 Olympic Games?
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Who are Jackie Chan's mother and father?

Jackie Chan's mother is Lee-Lee Chan. (1916-2002) and Jackie Chan's father is Charles Chan (Fang Dao Long) 1914-2008

Is Jackie Chan's dad dead?

Yes Jackie Chan's father, Charles Chan, died in 2008 from prostate cancer.

How old was Jackie Chan when his father died?

Jackie Chan's father died in February 2008 which means that Jackie Chan was 53 years old when his father died.

What were Jackie Chan's parents' jobs?

Jackie Chan's father Charles Chan (1914 - 2008) was a cook and his mother Lee-Lee Chan (1916 - 2002) was a housekeeper.

What are all the Jackie Chan games?

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In what year did Jackie Chan's dad die?


How old is Jackie Chan's father?

Charles Chan (Fang Dao Long) 1914-2008

Is Jackie Chan Laos?

Jackie Chan is not in Laos. Jackie is not from Laos. Jackie Chan is Chinese.

Are Jackie Chan's parents still living?

Both of Jackie Chan's parents have died. His mother, Lee-Lee Chan died in 2002 and his father, Charles Chan, died in 2008. They are buried together in Canberra, Australia.

Is Stacie Chan related to Jackie Chan?

No, Stacie Chan is not related to Jackie Chan, despite voicing his niece on Jackie Chan Adventures.

What is Jackie Chan's appearance?

Jackie Chan looks just like Jackie Chan.

Who invented Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan invented his onscreen persona of "Jackie Chan".

Where do Jackie Chan's parents live?

Jackie Chan's parents, Charles (1914-2008) and Lee-Lee Chan (1916-2002), are both deceased and are buried together in Gungahlin Cemetery in Canberra, Australia.

What playstation game had Jackie Chan seeking his kidnapped grandfather?

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster. Jackie Chan's StuntmasterJackie Chan Stuntmaster

Does Jackie Chan play WoW?

Jackie Chan has certainly spent time playing various video games but it is doubtful that he played WoW. The games there is footage of him playing are more action related.

What is the name of Jackie Chan's biography?

Jackie Chan's autobiography is "I am Jackie Chan. My Life in Action". He is currently working on a sequel called "I am still Jackie Chan."

How many movies did Jackie Chan make in 2008?

Because of Jackie Chan's commitment to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 the only movie he made was the voice over for Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda.

Is Maggie Chan related to Jackie Chan?

No she is not related to Jackie Chan.

What race is Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan is Chinese.

Is Jordan Chan Jackie Chan's brother?

It is a common misconception that Jordan Chan and Jackie Chan are brothers. Although they share the same last name, Jordan Chan and Jackie Chan are not related.

What is the name of Jackie Chan's father?

Jackie Chan's father is Charles Chan (1914-2008) (陳志平). His real name is Fáng Dàolóng (房道龍)

Does Jackie Chan have cancer?

No Jackie Chan does not have cancer.

Why is Jackie Chan in exile?

Jackie Chan is not in exile.

What is Jackie Chan's culture?

Jackie Chan is Chinese.

Was Jackie Chan adopted?

No Jackie Chan was not adopted.