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It is a less economic country because the states there are mostly farming and only the cities have no farms so it is a less economic country.

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Q: Is India a more or less economic country?
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Which country is less fortunate India or Pakistan?

Probably Pakistan because India is much more developed.

Why do you think some people are rich and some are poor explain?

it depends on whether they are in a more economic developed country (MEDC) or a less economic developed country (LEDC)

What are the differences between UK and Ghana?

Ghana is a LEDC = less economic developed country and the UK is a MEDC = more economic developed country and Ghana has 23 million people in their country and the UK has 62 million people

Why is solar energy more developed in western India?

Because that part of our country receives more temp. & less rainfall........

Is India a developed country?

India is no more a developing country. It has now become a developed country. Visit of Barack Obama proves that 'India is no more a developing country.' He also said this in his speech.But as per the economics India is still a developing country

Why India was and is a male preferred country?

India was and is a male preferred country because in the past there were more female babies born than male babies. This made the male sex less common and preferred.

What country is located next to Pakistan?

There is more than one country next to India. One of them is India.

When and why was economic reform measures initiated in India?

Economic reform measures initiated in India as a result in an increase in liberalization. Attempts were made to make India more of a socialist society after 1991.

Which country is more powerfull India or Pakistan?

Undoubtedly India

Which country has more names to it?


What country have more cities?


Is Chile a more developed country or less developed country?

more developed country.

What is the difference in china's and India's population?

china has more habitends and india less habitends so china is more populate tahn india

What is the Difference between more economically developed country and less economically developed country?

It is the difference between the life expectancy and a more ecoonomically developed country is richer in terms of money, wealth etc. compared to a less economically developed country. A more economically developed country is where the most number of people live like Asia (about 40% live in china and india which are developing countries).

What country grows more rice than India?

Thailand grows more rice than India.

Which country has more cricket fans?


Which country produces more doctors?


Is Ecuador a less economically developed country or more economically developed country?

It is an LEDC, or less economically developed country.

Which country is bigger India or Australia?

Australia is larger by area, but India is more populated.

What is a colder country India or Mongolia?

Mongolia because it is more north than India

Should more economic developed countries help to pay vaccines for less economic developed countries?


What led to inflation in the confederacy?

Economic chaos and desperate printing of more money that bought less and less.

Which country has more population china or India?


Which country uses the name 'Anita' more?


Which country has second more cricket stadiums?