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As part of China, Hong Kong can host Olympic events as it did for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The events based in Hong Kong in 2008 were the Equestrian (horseriding) events of dressage, jumping and eventing.

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Q: Is Hong Kong able to host the Olympics?
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When did Hong Kong host the Olympics?

Hong Kong help host some event of the 2008 Olympic but it has never hosted the Olympics on its own.

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What are the specific requirements for a city to be able to host the Olympics?

The city hosting Olympics should have a good infrastructure facility. It should be capable of providing the advanced security system for all those who attend the games. The nation's financial capibility to host the Olympics, also counts.

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What country is the host of the 2008 Olympics?

China was the host of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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if a city can not host the Olympics it goes back to the previous host city i.e. if sochi can not host the 2014 winter Olympics it goes back to Vancouver if London is unable to host the 2012 Olympics it goes back to Beijing

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