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Yes, both Field Hockey and Ice Hockey are played professionally in some parts of the world. Field hockey is more common in Europe and parts of Oceania, South America and Asia; ice hockey is virtually restricted to Arctic Circle countries.

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Q: Is Hockey played professionally
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Did imran khan play hockey?

No Imran Khan was always a Cricket Player, but my have played hockey in school but never professionally

Who is tony mckegney?

Tony McKegney is a former NHL player who played hockey professionally for thirteen years.

When did Chris Drury start to play hockey?

Chris Drury started playing hockey professionally in 1994. Before that he played baseball, but switched over to just playing hockey in 1994 when he went pro.

Do women play hockey?

Yes, women from all over the world play some form of hockey, some professionally.

How do you tell people that you play hockey professionally?

You can just say, "i am a professional hockey player" or call yourself an professional athlete in hockey. Anything you want really.

Have you ever played hockey. What tense is this?

This is a present perfect question.I have played hockey. Have you ever played hockey?

Who was the first Canadian female to play hockey?

This is an impossible question to answer as many Canadian girls have always played hockey since the game was invented. If you mean to play professionally, it was Manon Rheaume, who attended training camp with Tampa Bay and played part of one exhibition game.

Where is hockey mostly played?

Hockey is mostly played in Canada

What is Georges Laraque best known for?

Georges Laraque is best known for being a professional hockey player who performed the Laraque leap. He played professionally for the Edmonton Oilers.

Is there such a sport called ice hockey?

Ice Hockey is Hockey played on ice; as compared to Field Hockey which is played on grass.

When did hockey become so poular in the US?

Hockey became more popular in the early 1970's when more Americans started to play professionally.

Is soccer played professionally?


What do you call hockey that is not played on the ice?

Hockey Just hockey Hockey on ice is called ice hockey

What is the difference between volleyball and hockey?

Hockey is played on ice and volleyball is not. Hockey is played with a puck and volleyball is played with a ball.

When hockey is not played on ice is it called land hockey?

You can call it land hockey or just hockey

Is hockey an awesome sport?

While it is a matter of opinion, it is played professionally and as such provides entertainment as well has many jobs for players, arena workers, concession stand workers and businesses in the area.

Which sports are played outside volleyball soccer swimming football basketball tennis field hockey baseball and ice hockey?

All of those sports can be played inside or outside. Although, if they're played professionally, some sports leagues such as the NBA and NHL will play their games indoors. In 2008, the NHL began an annual hockey event called the Winter Classic. Two teams will play one game outside.

When was hockey first played on ice?

the first ice hockey match was played in 1872.

Why was Willie O'Ree famous?

Willie O'Ree was the first black hockey player to play professionally in the NHL. He played his first NHL game in 1956, suiting up for the Boston Bruins. He is currently heavily involved in the NHL's "Hockey is for Everyone" campaign, launched to encourage children of all backgrounds to get involved in ice hockey.

When did Douglas French play hockey?

he never played hockey.

What form of hockey is played in the Special Olympics?

Floor hockey.

What games are played with a stick and a net?

hockey and floor hockey.

Can hockey be played on both ice and grass?

No.Just Ice But street hockey is played on cement

What sports are played in Central America?

hockey lots of hockey and soccer are played in central America

Why is hockey and football played in the winter?

Hockey and football is played in both winter and summer seasons.