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Q: Is Helen Ignas Director of the Veterans Relief Network?
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What is Helen Hunt's occupation?

Helen Hunt is a/an Actress,director,screenwriter

Who kyacked the Amazon for sports relief?

Helen Skelton

Did Helen Keller have a network?

she did

Who is Helen Wigger?

Operations director of WDUQ radio in Pittsburgh.

How much money did Helen Skelton raise for sport relief?

£46 that's the answer you know

Who was Mr.Anagnos for Helen Keller?

Mr. Anagnos was the director of the Perkins Institute for the Blind and was a teacher and mentor to Helen Keller. He played a crucial role in helping Helen communicate and learn despite her disabilities. He was a significant influence on her education and personal development.

How much money did Helen skelton raise when going to the north pole for sport relief?

£113,000ish - it was not much!

In what country was Helen Hunt born?

Helen Hunt, the famous actress, film director and screenwriter is born in Culver City, California. Hunt is most known for he appereances in 'Mad About You' and 'Californication'.

Who was the director of the 1984 Oscar winning biopic Gandhi?

Helen Mirren to play Queen in Indira Gandhi biopic

What has the author Helen Fallon written?

Helen Fallon has written: 'WOW' -- subject(s): Women, Internet addresses, Computers and women, Information services, Computer network resources, Directories

How was Anne Sullivan introduced to Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan helped Helen Keller when Helen was about six years old and for a long time after that.

Who plays Kate in lost?

Lost fan favorite Kate Austen was played by Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. Due to the fact that Ms. Lily's work visa was delayed almost cost her the role. The director had started auditions again, and after 20 auditions, to everyone's relief, Lily's work visa finally arrived.