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There are a couple of things in the World Cup 2010 game that are a lot better, but restricted due to teams. The World Cup version is basically a trial run for the FIFA 2011 game.

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Q: Is FIFA 2010 better than FIFA world cup 2010?
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Did Costa Rica play better in the 2014 FIFA World Cup than in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Costa Rica did not qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. However, they did qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and advanced past the Group Stage for the second time in their history.

Is FIFA 10 better than FIFA 10 world cup?

Yes way better because there are more teams

When does pes 11 come out?

Comes out in November 2010 (PES is better than FIFA)

What is better FIFA 10 or pes 10?

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no way

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World of warcraft is it better than FIFA 10?

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Is FIFA 13 better than pes 2013?

This is entirely a matter of opinion. However, the general consensus is that FIFA is better than PES.

Will FIFA 2010 game be a world cup edition of the franchise?

Actually Im a huge Fifa video game fan I had fifa 2006 and I also had Fifa World cup 2006, so I ma more than very sure this year there will be a Fifa 2010 and a Fifa WorldCup 2010 because not only I think this because I had both 2006 world cup and fifa game but also because with all the world cup teams tht arent usually in the fifa game wil be in the game so it will take a tone of memory so there will be 2 differ games I assure you!

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