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No they are not going to win the world cup soon.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-01 13:53:17
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Q: Is England football team ever going to win the world cup?
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Will the Jonas brother's ever tour England?

Yes they are going on a world tour in 2009

Has jurgen klinsmann ever played football for blackburn rovers?

no he only ever playec for spurs in england. no he only ever playec for spurs in england.

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Did Jason Wilcox ever play for England football team?

yes he did

Will India ever play World Cup Football in next 100 years?

I'm going to stick my neck out here and say... possibly.

Has the England football team ever had a player-manager?

I doubt if they had one who was both.

Who are the best football fans in the world?

The Dallas, Cowboys are the best football team in the world forever and ever

What countries are football popular?

Brazil is the most popular football nation in the world having won the World Cup more than any other country. Other popular football countries are of course England (being the host of the first ever football match, and has also the best league in the world) Italy, Spain, Germany and Argentina are also considered as the most popular countries in the world.

In what team in football is Tom Felton playing in?

In September 2008, he played for the England side in Soccer Aid 2008 it was the only Tim tom ever played football for a team he is other wise just an actor

Why is football governed by FIFA when football was invented in England?

The Football Association founded in 1863 was only ever set up to govern Association football in England. FIFA founded 1904 was set up as a single regulatory body for all countries after association football gained international popularity.

Will football carry on for ever?

Football will carry on forever ,unless the world ends!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the date of first ever international football match?

In 1872 and it was England vs Scotland

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obaid is tenichally the best football player that ever lived on the face of the world.

Has England ever won the world cup?

Yes, in 1966 when it was held in England.

What was the first ever international football match?

The first ever international match was between England and Scotland and the final score was 0-0

Have denmark ever won the world cup football?


Did Korea ever won a football world cup?


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he is next week

What is the worst football team in the whole world ever?

The Worst Football Team Ever By Far Is Manchester United

Did a Scotsman ever played football for England?

I do not think it is allowed.

Has London England ever won the world Cup in soccer?

England won the World Cup once, in 1966 as hosts.

Did England ever win a netball world cup?

England did win a game of netball.

Smallest country to make it to the football world cup?

The smallest country to ever make it in the football world cup is Trinidad & Tobago

Has Greece football team ever won a world cup?

Greece football team have won a Euro 2004 but not a world cup as yet.

Did Portugal ever win the world football cup?

No they have never won a world cup.