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No. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are both 6' 3" tall.

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Q: Is Derek Jeter taller than Alex Rodriguez?
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Who hit more home runs in their career Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?

Through the 2009 season, Alex Rodriguez has 583 home runs and Derek Jeter has 224.

Is Alex Rodriguez the best shortstop ever?

no he is not derek jeter is alex doesnt even play shortstop

Is Nick Swisher more popular than Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?

No, he is not. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are not only two of the most popular players in baseball, but they're both well known throughout the entire sports world.

What number is alex rodregez and Derek Jeter from the Yankees?

13 and 2As of the 2009 season. Alex Rodriguez wears uniform number 13, and Derek Jeter wears uniform number 2.

Is Derek Jeter older than his sister?

Yes. Derek Jeter is five years older than his sister Sharlee.

What players stole home in 2009?

Jason Werth, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez ,and so on!

How much is a bat signed by Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez worth?

I have one that I got appraised for $800.00

What position did Derek Jeter play before Alex Rodriguez joined the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter always played shortstop, and still continues to play shortstop for the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez was an accomplished shortstop before coming to the Yankees where he now plays third base

Who are the major athletes currently for the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez

What is Derek Jeter's and Alex Rodriguez's sexual orientation?

They are both straight. They have had several girlfriends too many to even name.

Who are the good baseball players for 2012?

Derek Jeter,Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez,David Wright,Todd Helton,Justin Upton...THE LIST GOES ON!

Who are the best players on the New York Yankees right now in 2010?

Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Robinson Cano.