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Derby or the Rams as they are called are in the championship league.

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Q: Is Derby football club in the premiership or championship league?
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Can you tell me which football club are relegated from the Premiership in 2008?

Derby county, Birmingham and Reading

Football teams relagated from barclays premiership 200708?

Derby County, Birmingham and Reading

Who were Football League Champions in 1972?

Derby County were the Football League Champions in 1972.

Who were Football League Champions in 1975?

Derby County were the Football League Champions in 1975.

What division does Derby County participate in?

Derby County plays in the The Championship league and the top two divisions.

Which player has played in Manchester derby London derby merseyside dercy and won champions league European championships premiership fa cup?

Nicolas Anelka

What is the longest sequence without a win in English league football?

Derby County are on a run of 36 without a win at the moment - 32 in the Premier League last season, plus four more in the Championship.

Lowest premiership total to stay up?

Derby County had the lowest Premiership total in the history of the league in the 2007-08 season. They had just 11 points and were relegated.

Who is the best team in premiership?

Derby County

Who has played in Manchester London mersey side derby and won premiership fa cup champions league European cup?

No one ever has.

How many goals did Derby County score in the 2008-09 season?

Derby County were members of the Football League Championship during the 2008-09 season. They finished the season in eighteenth place, with 54 points, scoring 55 goals and conceding 67 goals.

Who did derby county beat in the premiership this season?


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