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At the time of asking the question in March 2011 and the time of originally answering this question, June 2011, Declan Kidney was the head coach of the Irish Rugby team. He left that position in April 2013.

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Q: Is Declan Kidney head coach of the Ireland rugby team?
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What is the coach of the rugby team Ireland?

Declan Kidney.

who have Ireland rugby got a new head coach?

Joe Schmidt was appointed head coach of Ireland on the 29th of April 2013, suceeding Declan Kidney.

Who was the head couch of the Ireland rugby team before Declan Kidney?

Eddie O'Sullivan.

Who is the Irish rugby team's assistant coach?

They don't have any assistant coach as such. Declan Kidney is head coach. Gert Smal is forwards coach. Les Kiss is defence coach. Alan Gaffney is backs/attack coach. Mark Tainton is kicking coach. Paul McNaughton is team manager.

Who is the current UK rugby union head coach?

There is NO UK rugby union team.England have Martin Johnson (Eng)Scotland have Andy Robinson (Eng)Wales have Warren Gatland (NZ)And N. Ireland play under The Republic of Ireland, coach Declan Kidney (Ire).____The team that represents the UK is the British and Irish Lions.The manager for the most recent tour (2009) was Gerald Davies and the coach was Ian(mighty mouse) McGeechan. The new tour party is yet to be announced - This will happen post Christmas 2010.

Who is the best rugby coach?

My geuss would be between : Jake White, Graham Henry, Robbie Deans, Rod Macqueen, Nick Mallet, Rassie Erasmus, Clive Woodward,Alister Coetzee, Declan Kidney, I like Warren Gatland to. Whats your geuss, facts should be great to hear/read just as well?

Is rugby played in Ireland?

Yes, rugby union is played in Ireland

When was Greg Smith - rugby coach - born?

Greg Smith - rugby coach - was born in 1949.

When was John Hart - rugby coach - born?

John Hart - rugby coach - was born in 1946.

When did Greg Smith - rugby coach - die?

Greg Smith - rugby coach - died in 2002.

When was John Lloyd - rugby coach - born?

John Lloyd - rugby coach - was born on 1943-03-29.

When was Alan Davies - rugby coach - born?

Alan Davies - rugby coach - was born on 1948-01-28.