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Q: Is David James the oldest player in the premier league?
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Which player has won la league and premier league?

David beckham

What premier league football player has won the champions league has been relegated from and promoted to the premier league?

David Beckham

Who is the oldest premier league goalkeeper still playing today?

Its now 2010 and its David James.

Who is the best premier league player 2012?

David Silva (m-city)

Who is the best player in the Premier League?

David silva for manchester city also the best team in the league

Who is the most successful player that ever played in the English premier league?

david beckham

Who Is The Oldest Goalkeeper in the Premier league today?

David James who is playing for Pourtsmouth and became 39 1.august 2009.

Which player has won the premier league fa cup and carling cup with 2 different clubs?

david may

Which player has never scored a Premier league goal despite playing for 7 Premiership teams?

David James

For which premier league did David Beckham play?

Manchester United

Name players who played in the first premier league and are still playing in the premier league?

Ryan Giggs and Sol Campbell and David James

Who have played for 5 or more teams in the premier league?

David bekhem

Who has played the most premier league games as goalkeeper?

David James.

Who has played the most premier league games in goal?

David James

What goalkeeper has conceeded the most goals in the premier league?

david James

Who is the longest serving premier league player?

Ryan Giggs has appeared with Man Utd 525 times in the premier league. Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Sol Campbell, David James, Gary Speed, Ian Pearce have appeared in every Premier League season from the first to the current one.

What Team does David James Captain for the English Premier League?

David James is the captain of Portsmouth

The only player to score premier league hattrick versus man utd?

David Bentley **** Additions **** Egil Ostenstad Dirk Kuyt

Who is the Only player to score a hat trick vs man united in the premier league?

David bentley whilst playing for blackburn rovers

Which player holds the record for most premiership appearances?

The player with the most Premier League appearances is David James of Portsmouth. He currently has 537 dating from 1992 to 21.2.2009.

Who has scored goals in la liga serie a and the English premier league?

David Beckham

Has david villa ever played for Liverpool?

No. He has never played in the English Premier League.

How many appearances has seen David Beckham dismissed in the Barclays Premier League?


Who is the oldest player for England?

At the moment David James.

Which 2 players have won the world cup and English premier league and champions league?

David Villa, Iniesta, etc