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Yes. David Beckham is currently signed with L.A Galaxy

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Yes eventually, hopefully he won't end up like Brett Favre.

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Q: Is David Beckham still playing soccer in 2011?
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Does david beckham still play soccer on PSG?

No, he has retired

What is david bekham doing now?

David Beckham is now retired but he still enjoys playing football.

Did David Beckham die?


How did David Beckham start playing football?

When he was 14 years old, David Beckham signed up to Manchester United, noting he was still in school.

Is ronaldo the new David Beckham?

I don't think so. But he's still a pro soccer player in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Is David Beckham parents still alive?


When did David Beckham leave real Madrid?

ANSWER David Beckham is currently playing for AC Milan, on a season long loan from Los Angeles Galaxy. David is on a unique "time share deal" where he will play some parts of the season with Milan and some with LA Galaxy. David has stated this type of deal is a dream, as it keeps him in with a high chance of being involved with the England national team, while still attempting to raise the profile of soccer in the USA. Beckham has also played for Manchester United, Preston North End (loan), Real Madrid, and is consistantly involved with the England national soccer team.

How old was David Beckham when he invented the violin?

Andre Amati is often credited for having invented the violin in the early 1600â??s. Some historians dispute this; however, the Amati family is known for their association to music and instruments. David Beckham is much too contemporary to have been associated with the violin. Beckham still lives and is a celebrated professional soccer player globally.

Has David Beckham popularized soccer in the US?

Yes actually David Beckham has popularized soccer in the US... or it is just a coincindince that he started playing soccer for MLS when people in the US started to get exposure to soccer because since the 1990's soccer in the US has been growing in popularity rapidly. But we still are no where match in popularity to most country's around the world since soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And most people think that we don't have the popularity in soccer from the lack of exposure we just started playing a little while ago while in other country's soccer has been going on for a while now. Back to David eckham though, some people think that the 28 year old midfield player has made US popularity in soccer more popular but most people think it's from his extrodinary appearance and by that people like him from his "hottness", but I just like him from his extrodinary skill and plays on the field.... Well Slayer726 signing out!

Is David Beckham's football academy in LA still operating?

yes it is .At the moment

Is David beckham still alive now?

Yes, he is. As of late 2013, the former British soccer (football) star is very much alive, starring in commercials and making numerous personal appearances. (He announced his retirement from soccer in May 2013, after a distinguished career.)

Is David Beckham still famous for his football skills?

Yes he is famous for his football skills , so he is still the richest footballer.