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Yes actually David Beckham has popularized soccer in the US... or it is just a coincindince that he started playing soccer for MLS when people in the US started to get exposure to soccer because since the 1990's soccer in the US has been growing in popularity rapidly. But we still are no where match in popularity to most country's around the world since soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And most people think that we don't have the popularity in soccer from the lack of exposure we just started playing a little while ago while in other country's soccer has been going on for a while now. Back to David eckham though, some people think that the 28 year old midfield player has made US popularity in soccer more popular but most people think it's from his extrodinary appearance and by that people like him from his "hottness", but I just like him from his extrodinary skill and plays on the field.... Well Slayer726 signing out!

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Q: Has David Beckham popularized soccer in the US?
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Does David Beckham play soccer for England or US?


Who is the most famous pro soccer player in the US?

David Beckham

What US soccer team does David Beckham play for?

LA Galaxy

Is David Beckham the soccer player a immigrant?

David Beckham was born in the UK and now lives in the US, so it could be said that he has emigrated, but he is not an immigrant.

Which famous soccer player that if he would play for the US soccer team then he would take it to the top?

david beckham

David Beckhams shoe size?

UK soccer player David Beckham wears a shoe size of 10 US mens respectively.

What does David Beckham inspire?

David Beckham inspires us because he is a footballer and kids want to be as good as him.

Most popular sports star in the us?

soccer-david beckham football-ladainian tomilson basketball- lebron James

Who makes the most money in the us?

David Beckham.

Which is the best soccer club in US?

La Galaxy are the MLS champions and they have Landon Donovan Robbie Keane and David Beckham- Donovan and Keane in my opinion are the 2 best players in the league

What country did David Beckham play in?

England, Spain, And the Us

Who is the best paid soccer player in the US?

Currently, with all of ads he is in, it is David Beckham making 6.8 million a year (Please remember this is NOT all from what his team pays him it is mostly from him endorsing products)

When did David Beckham come to the US?

david beckham came to America on September 23 2006 to play for the l.a galaxy One correction he did not come here to PLAY. He came here to get paid buttloads that what he came here to do. He was injured most of the season. I have nothing against the guy but come on. Is he really changing soccer in America?

Who is the richest football player in the US?

david beckham (LA Galaxy)

When David Beckham came to us?

He came on Sept. 23 2006

Does David Beckham play US soccer?

His club is LA galaxy but he plays on England. David though, once played for Manchester United, but someone, (I don't know who) someone stupid traded him off. Happy stripping!

Why did David Beckham come to US?

he came to the us to play football because he got a offer to play

Have ipswich signed David Beckham?

no way, ipswich wouldn't want to waste so much money to sign beckham!! beckham would be decent for us... but would bankrupt the club...hahaha

What is David Beckham's networth?

He and Posh are worth approximately 100mil US dollars at this time.

Does David Beck ham play on the US soccer team?

Yes, he has a contract with an American team. David Beckham plays his club football with the MLS team LA Galaxy, but he does not play internationally for the USA. He is born in England and therefore represents England at international level.

Who is richer David Beckham or posh spice?

David and Victoria Beckham met in 1997 and got married in 1999. They have since had four children together. David is richer than Victoria, or Posh Spice as she is also known. David has a net worth of 350 million US dollars while Victoria has a net worth of 49 million US dollars.

The most popular selling soccer jersey in America?

the most popular jersey in the us is la galaxy 23 beckham shirt

What is David Beckhams annual income?

With the current contract Galaxy, Beckham's annual income is US$650 millon

What team does David Beckham play for?

England in the 2010 Fifa World Cup, but in the US he plays for the L.A. Galaxy

Do you need to be from the us to get paid to play soccer?

no! look at David Beckam