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No, he is not coming back.

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Q: Is Corey Dillon coming back
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What is the birth name of Corey Dillon?

Corey Dillon's birth name is Corey James Dillon.

How tall is Corey Dillon?

Corey Dillon is 6' 1".

What is Corey Dillon's birthday?

Corey Dillon was born on October 24, 1974.

When was Corey Dillon born?

Corey Dillon was born on October 24, 1974.

How old is Corey Dillon?

Corey Dillon is 36 years old (birthdate: October 24, 1974).


Running back Corey Dillon.

Is Corey dillon dead?


When was Corey's Coming created?

Corey's Coming was created in 1976.

Who scored the Patriots only rushing touchdown in Super Bowl XXXIX against the Eagles?

That would be runningback Corey Dillon. With 13:49 left in the 4th quarter, in a 1st and goal situation, New England running back Corey Dillon charged into the endzone on a two yard run.

What player wears number 28 for the New England Patriots?

Formerly running back Corey Dillon and defensive back Darius Butler. Currently, no Patriots player wears #28.

Where is Corey Dillon?

He retired after the 2006 season and lives with his wife and daughter.

How much money does Corey Dillon make?

Corey Dillion is a former football player from the NFL. There is not a listed salary for him as of 2014 as he no longer plays.

Who has the most rushing yards in Cincinnati Bengals history?

Corey Dillon -- 8,061 yards.

What player wore number 28 for the New England Patriots in 2006?

Corey Dillon was number 28.

What team did Corey Dillon play for before going over to the Patriots in 2004?


What Patriots player has the most rushing yards in a season?

Corey Dillon with 1635 rushing yards in 2004.

Bengals RB Corey Dillon set the single-game rushing record in 2000 with how many yards?


Who is the Cincinnati Bengals all time leading rusher?

Corey Dillon, with over 8,000 career yards for the Bengals.

Who has woren number 28 for the New England Patriots?

The most prominent players to wear #28 were Curtis Martin and Corey Dillon.

Who were the last 5 runningbacks for the New England Patriots?

The last 5 starting running backs for the New England Patriots: 2007- 2008: Laurence Maroney 2006: Corey Dillon/Laurence Maroney 2004 - 2005: Corey Dillon 2001 - 2004: Antowain Smith 2000: Kevin Faulk, JR Redmond (R) 1999: Terry Allen

Who holds the patriots record for most rushing touchdowns in one season?

Curtis Martin holds the single season rushing TD record for the Patriots. In both 1995 and 1996 Curtis Martin rushed for 14 touchdowns for the Patriots. Patriot Single Season Rushing TD Leaders: * 1995 - Curtis Martin - 14 * 1996 - Curtis Martin - 14 * 2006 - Corey Dillon - 13 * 1976 - Steve Grogan - 12 * 2001 - Antowain Smith - 12 * 2004 - Corey Dillon - 12 * 2005 - Corey Dillon - 12 * 1978 - Horace Ivory - 11 * 1983 - Tony Collins - 10

Who brought skinny jeans back?

The great Dillon brought it back.

What position does Corey Nelson play?

Corey Nelson plays Line Back for the Denver Broncos.

Why is Dillon awesome?

Dillon is awesome because he destroyed the llamas a while back. Thank you very much, kind sir.

Is Matt dillon in goonies?

No. "Goonies" (1985) starred Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton.