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Q: Is Chelsea the best in the world in English cups?
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How many cups has john mikel obi won with Chelsea?


How many cups has arsenal more than Chelsea?

Chelsea has won more cups than arsenal

What sport is the English best at?

The English are the worlds best players of Croquet, having won more World cups in the sport than all of the other countries put together.

What are the cups won by Chelsea?

They're not won by Chelsea, they're won by Liverpool.

How many cups has Chelsea won?


How many barclays Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won 10000 prem cups in history

Who has won more cups and trophy in last 9 years Chelsea or man united?


What different cups have Chelsea won?

They have won EPL and FA cup and European Cup(not Champions League) and I think the English League Cup

How many uefa cups does Chelsea fc have?

Chelsea have failed to win a single champion league cup.

Which English players to play in 3 world cups?

Steven Gerrard, David Beckham and Gary Neville have played in three world cups.

Who has more trophies Liverpool fc or Chelsea fc?

Liverpool are the most successful English football club and have comfortably won more honours than Chelsea. Liverpool Honours. 18 Division One wins (now called the Premier League) 15 Charity shields 7 FA cups 7 League cups 5 European cups (now called Champions League) 4 Division Two wins (now called the Championship) 3 UEFA cups 3 Super cups Chelsea Honours. 3 Division One / Premier League wins 2 Division Two wins 4 FA cups 4 League cups 3 Charity Shields 2 Full Members cups 2 UEFA cups 1 Super cupLET'S GO L'POOL! beat Chelsea at the bridge PLEASE

Who has won the Scottish cup English cup and world cup?

the scottish cup and the English cup are for club teams, which are basically a team representing a city such as FC Barcelona, Chelsea, and Milan. The FIFA World Cup is for International teams such as Argentina, Spain, and Italy. Therefore, no team has won all three of those cups.

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