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Sorry, his Wikipedia article does not address his personal life.

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Q: Is Chandler Parsons in a serious relationship?
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Does chandler parsons have a girlfriend?

Chandler Parsons is currently single. He cheated on his previous girlfriend various times. But I mean, he IS Chandler Parsons.

Is chris parsons related to chandler parsons?

Yes, he is one of three older siblings to Chandler Parsons.

How tall is Chandler Parsons?

NBA player Chandler Parsons is 6'-09''.

When was Chandler Parsons born?

Chandler Parsons was born on 1988-10-25.

What NBA team does Chandler Parsons play for?

Chandler Parsons plays for the Houston Rockets.

How much does Chandler Parsons weigh?

NBA player Chandler Parsons weighs 227 pounds.

What is Chandler Parsons's number on the Houston Rockets?

Chandler Parsons is number 25 on the Houston Rockets.

What position does Chandler Parsons play?

Chandler Parsons plays small forward for the Houston Rockets.

What college did NBA player Chandler Parsons play for?

NBA player Chandler Parsons played for Florida.

How old is Chandler Parsons?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Chandler Parsons is 25 years old.

How much money does Chandler Parsons make?

NBA player Chandler Parsons made $926500 in the 2013-2014 season.

Does chandler parsons have hobbies?

He does Modeling.

Is Florida basketball player Chandler Parsons kin to Gram Parsons?

No relation

Is chandler parsons gay?

Yes, very much so.

Is chandler parsons on nba 2k12?

Yes he is. He plays on the houston rockets

Did chandler parsons get drafted?

yes he did by the Houston Rockets, with the 8th pick in the 2nd round. The rockets received the pick from the Los Angeles Clippers. Chandler Parsons was the starting small forward for Houston majority of his rookie year.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wear the Hair - 2013?

The cast of Wear the Hair - 2013 includes: Chandler Parsons as himself

Is an open relationship a serious relationship?

Seriously not

What is a Sentence with relationship?

'I want to be in a serious relationship.'

Questions to ask in knowing somebody for a Serious relationship?

think you should ask is what is his plan for the future. if you are in his plan it means that he want something serious with you if not it doesn't mean you are not in a serious relationship, but you should be really careful. don't get that serious with the relationship.....

Is Jim Parsons dating anyone?

Yes he is gay he is in a 10 year relationship

How do you get the boy to see that you are serious about your relationship?

Tell him, if you are serious about the relationship that means that you trust him and if you trust him just tell him.

Who has Chandler dated?

Chandler did not have many major relationships. He married his best friend, Monica. Earlier he had a notable relationship with Joey's former girlfriend, Kathy. Also he had a on-again/off-again relationship with Janice Litman.

What is the difference between commitments and a serious relationship?

When you are committed to one another and in a monogamous relationship (only dating one another) that tends to be a serious relationship.

Which Friend never kissed Rachel?

Chandler THEY ALL KISS HER!!!!! Chandler kisses her when he's hiding his and Monica's relationship in series five.