Is Canada hot

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Only the southern part of Canada, most notably Southern Ontario, is.

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Q: Is Canada hot
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When was Red Hot TV - Canada - created?

Red Hot TV - Canada - was created in 2003.

Where in Canada can you buy hot cheetos?

You can't not sold in Canada

Where are the hot springs in Canada?

Banff National Park's hot springs are the most famous in Canada. Banff is in Alberta in the Northwest.

Where did Taylor originate?

in Michagin,Ontario,Canada he is hot hot guys come from Canada

Which climates does the us have that Canada do not?

The USA has hot deserts, Canada has cold deserts.

How is water in Canada?

Canada isnt all cold, during the summer it could be hot. and also if you cant go more west it can get more hot

Does it ever get hot in Canada?

Some times

What does Venezuela import from Canada?

hot woman

Is Canada hot or cold?

It really depends on where in Canada you are. If you are up north, it is very cold all the time, but where most Canadians live, in the southern part of Canada near the border between Canada and the United States, it can be rather hot; the temperature can reach over 30 degrees Celsius. It is still cold in the winter though.

Why do all the hot guys come from Canada?

No. Hot guys come form almost everywhere !!!!!!

What countries was hot summers and cold winters?


What is Canada's climate and physical features?

hot and dry

Which months are hot and which are cold in Canada?

Go there and find out :/

What is one way Mexico and Canada are different?

Mexico is hot all year... Canada is warm and cold.

What jobs are in the interior plains Canada?

verry hot and humid

What does Canada have a surplus of?

water and nothing ELSE and Jordan ----- Is hot

What month does it start to get hot in Canada?

Approximately May/June.

Best hot dog makers in Canada?

turkey dogs

Can you buy hot shot yo-yo's at toysrus in Canada?

No you can not.

Is Canada hot in the summer?

Though Canada has more snow, we still get hot summers and humidity. In the year of 2010, there was no snow in the winter for port coquitlam due to global warming.

Which Canadian retailers sell hot pressure washers?

Hot pressure washers can be purchased in Canada by visiting automotive and hardware stores that have locations in Canada, such as Canadian Tire, Hotsy Ontario, and Karcher.

Is it cold or hot in Canada?

Canada is hot in summer since sunlight melts the snow. Snow causes temperature to drop, and Canadians don't like the snow because its not hot. If we remove all of the snow from the Earth, the world would be less cold

Does Home Depot Canada sell hot tub supplies?

Home Depot Canada does indeed sell hot tub supplies. You can visit their site and find a wide variety of items and information available. If you live in Canada, you could also call or visit one of their stores.

Are the Red Hot Chili Peppers coming to Canada this year?

I hope!

What is the best selling hot dog in Canada?

Kellers Canadian dogs!

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