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Q: Is Brett Favre the best quarterback ever?
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Is Brett Favre the greatest quarterback ever?

yes Brett favre is the best quarterback ever

Who is the toughest quarterback of all time in the NFL?

Brett Favre is THE toughest quarterback ever. He is also the BEST quarterback ever.

Did Brett Favre ever lead the league in rushing?

no he is a quarterback dum butt

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback in the NFL?

Ever or right now? I believe the best QB in football right now is Peyton Manning and the best QB ever is Joe Montana.

What QB has the best career QB Rating?

Brett Favre because he had a really long career and he has done almost everything a quarterback could ever want.

Why does everyone respect Brett Favre?

Because, Brett Lorenzo Favre is the greatest QB ever, he holds every record possible for a quarterback and he's still playing into his 40's... how can you not respect the guy?

Who is the best NFL quarterback to ever play?

Brett Favre but recently he has slipped up and should stay retired. but currently it is Michael Vick because he is the biggest game changer

Did Brett Favre ever have an affair?

Not that we know about.

Have the lions ever beat Brett Favre?


Has Brett Favre ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, one Super Bowl in 1997. Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers that defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. (35-21)

Did Brett Favre ever play on the Chicago Bears?

Favre was never a Bear.

Has Brett Favre ever beat the Dallas Cowboys in his career?

He is the only quarterback in the NFL to have beat every team, including the Cowboys. Yes, he has beaten them.

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