Is Bret farve the best quarterback?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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If you rate quarterbacks on passing yards and touchdowns then you could say that he was the best ever.

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Q: Is Bret farve the best quarterback?
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Which nfl quarterback has the most postseason starts?

Bret farve

Who is the longest playing quarterback with one team?

Bret farve

Who took the first snap as quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings?

Bret farve

How can we get rid of Thomson and let Brett be first quarterback?

Bret Farve is retired...give it up!

Is payton manning going to break Bret farve records?

payton manning is better than man is the best Bret farve is old as $hit he a old head

Did Bret Farve grow up in Kiln MS?

Bret Farve went to highschool at Hancock North Central.

Who is the best college quarterback of all time?

Statistically, Brett Farve

What dallas cowboy quarterback has the best passing record?

brett farve

Who are the best Quarter Backs that are playing?

Aaron rodgers Bret farve drew brees

Is Bret farve a good QB?


Is Bret farve going to the vikings?


Which NFL quarterback has most home wins?

Bret Farve with 181 John Elway- 148 Dan Marino- 147 Peyton Manning- 131