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Bret hart signed a 4 month contract and will join the new and inproved Hart Foundation,then face a heel or triple h,shawn michaels,vince mcmahon,or Undertaker". Hope this Helped

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Q: Is Bret Hart coming back to the wwe?
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What WWE superstars might come back?

Bret hart has come back but some more are coming too

Who is the come back in WWE 2010?

your thinking of Bret Hart.

Was Bret Hart on Raw or Nitro?

Bret hart was in the wwe when he was younger

Why did Brett hart leave wwe?

Because It was Shawn Michael's vs Bret Hart in a retirement Match and Bret Hart lost so Mr. McMahon had to fire Bret Hart from WWE

How old is WWE Bret hart?

Bret Hart is 52. He is a nice man.

Is Bret hart on WWE 2011?

No but there is a game pack you can purchase that comes with Bret hart on it

Will Bret Hart come back to WWE and wrestle again for the company?

YES he's coming back on Jan 4 2010 but is not staying there. He probably will not wrestle.

WWE is Bret hart returning to the WWE?

no Bret hart isn't returning to wwe hes done for good Bret Hart can not physciall return full time, nor is he done for good with the WWE, he will continue to make special apperances when needed.

Is george w hart related to WWE Bret hart?


Did Bret hart have a feud with the WWE?

no but he did with Shawn micheals that's one reason he won't come back to the wwe

Is Bret hart in svr 2011?

i think he is since he came back to the wwe in 2010

How great was Bret Hart?

Bret "The Hitman" Hart is one of the best technical wrestlers in WWE history.

How do you get Bret hart the hitman on WWE 2008?

In hall of fame mode, beat bret hart with shawn micheals in a 30 minutes iron man match. When you win it will unlock bret hart in the wwe shop which you have to buy

What is wwe superstar Bret hearts real name?

Bret Hart.

Does Bret Hart have a chance of being an inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame?

Bret "The Hitman" Hart Does have a chance to be an WWE hall of famer. He does because he has been a WWF Champion.

What happened between Bret Hart and McMahon?

Bret Hart went against Shawn Michaels in a submission match. mr. McMahon screwed Bret hart so Bret had to leave wwe.

Will Bert hart ever return to WWE?

Bret Hart is already with the WWE. He makes on and off appearances in WWE shows

Did Bret hart of WWE die?

No, Bret Hart is still very much alive and well, living in Canada.

Who is natallya WWE?

She is the niece of the WWE Legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Who died in WWE?

one of them is Bret Hart. Bret Hart isn't dead. I think you are thinking of Stu Hart or possibly Owen??

Who is the WWE gm?

it is Bret the hit man hart.

Is Bret the hitman hart in the wwe 2010?


How many times has Bret hart won the WWE Championship?

bret the hitman hart has won the wwf championship on five occations

Is Bret hart older than Owen hart?

Yes. Bret Hart is the older brother of Owen Hart. Bret was born in 1957 while Owen was born only in 1965 which made him 8 years his younger. Both Bret and Owen are famous for their stints with WWE. Unfortunately Owen succumbed to an injury while performing for the WWE in 1999.

Is Bret Hart coming back to WWE?

Yes, bill goldberg did kick him in the head and he had a stroke but the hitman did return and is still in great shape there are rumors to him having a match which I have high hopes for.

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