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No he's done with in-ring action. He may show up, like The Rock, but won't wrestle again.

AnswerNO he's living in Italy and said he doesn't want to get back to Wrestling AnswerLIVING IN ITALY ARE U FUKKED HE LIVES IN CALGARY IN Canada AND HE'S BEEN INDUCTED IN THE HALL OF FAME 2006 ONE NIGHT BEFORE WRESTLEMANIA 22


He did return and wrestle part time. He is more in the back round now then on camera. Bret Hart is still the best of all time

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Q: Is Bret Hart coming back
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What WWE superstars might come back?

Bret hart has come back but some more are coming too

Is Bret hart coming back to wrestling?

No, at least not to the WWECW. Bret Hart and Vince McMahon left on the worst of terms, due to Bret's brother's death, as well as the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

Is Bret Hart coming back to the wwe?

Bret hart signed a 4 month contract and will join the new and inproved Hart Foundation,then face a heel or triple h,shawn michaels,vince mcmahon,or Undertaker". Hope this Helped

Does Bret hart write back personally?

Answer No.

Will Bret Hart come back to WWE and wrestle again for the company?

YES he's coming back on Jan 4 2010 but is not staying there. He probably will not wrestle.

Did Bret Hart die?

No, Bret Hart is still alive.

What happend to Bret hart?

Nothing happened to Bret Hart.

Witch is the older brother Bret hart or Owen hart?

Bret hart is older

Who is the come back in WWE 2010?

your thinking of Bret Hart.

What is the birth name of Bret Hart?

Bret Hart's birth name is Bret Sergeant Hart.

Who painted the rotunda in Montgomery Alabama?

Bret hart Bret hart

Was Bret Hart on Raw or Nitro?

Bret hart was in the wwe when he was younger

What is bret hart full name?

Bret the hit man Hart

Where was Bret hart born?

Bret Hart was born in Toronto,Ontario

Will we see a Shawn Michaels Vs Bret Hart again?

No - Bret Hart is done with wrestling. After his stroke years back. He is now on Broadway acting actually.

When was Bret hart born?

Bret Hart was born on July 2, 1957.

Was Bret Hart on Raw?

Yes Bret Hart was on raw recently twice

How old is WWE Bret hart?

Bret Hart is 52. He is a nice man.

Can Bret Hart Wrestle again?

yes. he came back in 2010

What happened between Bret Hart and McMahon?

Bret Hart went against Shawn Michaels in a submission match. mr. McMahon screwed Bret hart so Bret had to leave wwe.

Does Bret Hart have a Tattoo?

Bret has no tattoo's.

Who is Bret Hart?

Bret Hart is a Canadian writer, actor and retired professional wrestler.

Is Natalya related to Bret Hart?

Yes, they are related. Bret Hart is Natalya's uncle.

Is Bret hart on WWE 2011?

No but there is a game pack you can purchase that comes with Bret hart on it

Who would win in a fight jimmy snuka or Bret hart?

Bret ''the hitman'' Hart