Is Bobby Orr retired

Updated: 9/27/2023
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he retired because

he hurt his knee

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Q: Is Bobby Orr retired
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Who was number 4 on the bruins?

Bobby Orr and the number has been retired.

What number did bobby orr retirer?

As far as I know, Bobby Orr continued to wear #4 until he retired because of knee problems.

What age did Bobby Orr retire?

Bobby Orr has not died. He turned 60 years old in March 2008.

What is Bobby Orr's phone number?

Bobby Orr wore the #4 Jersey which was retired by the Boston Bruins.

Why did Bobby Orr retire?

Bobby Orr was the first offensive minded defense men. He revolutionized how hockey is played. Hes the reason why hockey is the way it is today.

Who is the most known retired Chicago Blackhawks player?

# 4 - Bobby Orr. Disagree... the most famous retired Black Hawk is probably Bobby Hull (# 16, #7 and lastly # 9). He played far longer for Chicago than Orr did and with better statistics for the Black Hawks than Orr who was at the end of his career and suffering from bashed up knees by the time he was sent from Boston to Chicago. Bobby Orr will always be rememberd for what he did as a Bruin. Surreyfan

Did bobby orr face the bruins?

While Bobby Orr left the Bruins in 1976, he never played the Bruins. After leaving Boston he joined the Black Hawks but only played twenty-six games over the next three seasons. Orr retired in 1978.

When was Bobby Orr born?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948

When is Bobby Orr's birthday?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948

Who was Bobby Orr traded for?

Bobby Orr was never traded in his NHL career

What is Bobby Orr's birthday?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948.

What was the top speed of Bobby Orr slapshot?

bobby orr slapshot speed