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Officially, no.

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Q: Is Arsenal FC the best club in the world?
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Related questions

When did the arsenal club start?

Arsenal FC was founded in 1886.

What soccer club has the best jersey?

Real madrid Arsenal and fc Barcelona

What is the motto of arsenal football club?

Arsenal FC's motto is victory through harmony.

Who are the most loudest club in the premier league?

Probably arsenal when singing 'arsenal fc' song

What is the football club that have many Muslim players?

arsenal fc

When was the football club Arsenal founded?

The Arsenal Football Club was originally founded in 1886. The Arsenal FC plays football (or American soccer) in the English Premier League, in Holloway, London.

What English soccer club has the longest unbeaten run?

The answer is Arsenal FC

Which Spanish club did Arsenal sign Cesc Fabregas from?

FC Barcelona

What is the arsenal fc badge?

The official Arsenal FC club badge is shield-shaped, with an image of an artillery cannon on a red field, bordered by narrow white and blue stripes, and with the name "Arsenal" above it in white letters.

Which soccer club is the best team in the world?

Chelsea FC

Has arsenal fc been relegated from da premiership?

No. Arsenal Football Club have never been relegated from the Premier League.

Are Liverpool fc the best team in the world?

No, Arsenal FC is but Liverpool are a close second, tied with some other teams...

What football club does samir nasri play for?

He playsin Arsenal FC and in Olympique Marseille.

How many goals as robin vanpersie scored in the English premier league for arsenal fc?

Robin Van Persie has scored 92 goals for Arsenal FC in the Premier League since his move to the club.

Who has more trophies arsenal FC Chelsea FC?


Who does Podolski play for?

Club football: Arsenal FC National team: Germany.

Best supported football clubs in the world?

Celtic FC have been awarded best fans awards and best supporters awards and have fans like no other club in the world therfore they are the best supported club in the world.

Best supported football clubs in england?

Manchester United Fc, Chealsea Fc, Liverpool Fc, Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc , Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

Who is the best football club?

This is such easy question the best team in the world is Chelsea Fc the best country is definetely our England

What is the best football soccer team in the world?

The best club is FC Barcelona, the best international team is currently Germany.

When was FC Arsenal-Tula created?

FC Arsenal-Tula was created in 1946.

Why is arsenal cal the gunners?

Because Arsenal FC started out as an Arsenal in Woolwich ( South East London) where they make weapons. This is why we are called the gunners and have a cannon as our symbol The club was founded by workers at a Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.

Which club is the best club this season?

FC Barcelona

Who has won more trophies since 1992 Arsenal FC or Chelsea FC?

It is arsenal.

What club does Andrey Arshavin play for?

Andrey Arshavin used to play for Arsenal Football Club, he now currently plays for FC Kairat in Kazakhstan