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no. she died in the 1930's

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Q: Is Anna pavlova alive today
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Related questions

How old is Anna Pavlova?

Anna Pavlova was born on February 16, 1881 and died on January 23, 1931. Anna Pavlova would have been 49 years old at the time of death or 134 years old today.

What is Anna pavlova known for today?

Pavlova is probably most well-known for her performance of Swan Lake.

Why was pavlova named after Anna pavlova?


When and where did Anna Pavlova die?

what did Anna pavlova Die from Anna Pavlova died on January 23,1931 from double pnuemonia.

Who killed Anna Pavlova?

No one killed Anna Pavlova!

Did Anna Pavlova have siblings?

No Anna Pavlova didn't have siblings

Who was Anna pavlova married to?

Victor Dundre was Anna Pavlova's husband.

When was Anna Pavlova born?

Anna Pavlova was born on January 31, 1881.

What is Anna Pavlova's birthday?

Anna Pavlova was born on January 31, 1881.

Where was Anna Pavlova born?

Anna Pavlova was born in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1881.

Was Anna pavlova a singer actress or a dancer?

Anna Pavlova was a Russian dancer, or ballerina.

Did Anna pavlova have any pet's?

Anna Pavlova had a whole pond of swans as pets.

What is Anna Pavlova famous for?

Anna Pavlova is a famous Russian person. Also, Anna Pavlova is most famous for being a choreographer in Russia and a beautiful, prima ballerina in Russia.

What ballet company did Anna Pavlova dance for?

She Danced withThe Imperial Ballet School then Anna Pavlova started her own dance company known as "Anna Pavlova's Company"

Who tried the first pavlova?

anna pavlova

How old was Anna pavlova when she died?

Anna pavlova died at the age of 42 from inflammation of the lungs

How did Anna pavlova change dance over time?

well Anna pavlova was born in MEXICO

How many dances did Anna Pavlova dance?

Anna Pavlova was in at least 23 or 30 ballets

When was Anna Pavlova - gymnast - born?

Anna Pavlova - gymnast - was born on 1987-09-06.

What dessert is named after a ballerina?

Pavlova, after Anna Pavlova

What dessert is named after ballerina?

Pavlova, after Anna Pavlova.

Which famous ballerina has a dessert named after her?

Pavlova, after Anna Pavlova

Who was Anna Pavlova husband?

sam pavlova lover boy

How old was Anna Pavlova at death?

Anna Pavlova died on January 23, 1931 at the age of 49.

Who was Anna pavlova parents?

Ballerina Anna Pavlova was born Anna Matveyevna Pavlovna Pavlova on February 12, 1881 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her mother, Lyubov Feodorovna was a washerwoman. Her stepfather, Matvey Pavlov, was a reserve soldier. The identity of Anna Pavlova's biological father is unknown, though some speculate that her mother had an affair with a banker named Lazar Poliakoff.