Is Algeria a good football team?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Algeria are currently ranked 32nd in the FIFA world rankings, and Egypt are ranked 48th, so statistically, Algeria are better. However, Egypt are ranked higher in other ranking systems, and the positions will change periodically, so we cannot say for certain that either team is better.

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no Algeria is an awful team and cannot perform

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Q: Is Algeria a good football team?
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When was Algeria national football team created?

Algeria national football team was created in 1963.

Is Algeria football team good?

Yes, they are quite good. As of the 8th of May 2015, they are 20th in the world rankings and the number 1 team in Africa.

Who is the manager for Algeria football team?

Rabah Saadane.

Which football team is better Algeria or Slovenia?

According to the official FIFA World Rankings, Algeria are 30th in the World and Slovenia 25th.

Is Slovenia a good football team?

yes they are because they have won against Algeria 1-0. They have drawed against usa 2-2. Now they have to beat England. come on Slovenia.

How good is the Algerian soccer team?

Algeria is cool. They nearly beat crappy team named "england"

Which sentence is correct the football team is doing well or the football team is doing good?

'The football team is doing well!'

What football teams are in group F?

the foot ball team names are England united staets Algeria slovie and Iran

What is the team nickname for Algeria?

Team nickname of Algeria is the fennec foxes and the desert warriors.

Is the Okoboji football team good?

Yes they have a very good football team they have made it to the A and B bracket the first team in MYFL history to ever do that.

How good is Barcelona same football team?

celona are always a good team.

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