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Q: Is 3 hours too slow for half marathon?
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What is the pace for a 2 hour 30 min half marathon?

For your first half marathon, probably 10-13 minutes per mile, or if you are walking a little bit too, 13-16 minutes per mile. If you are a super amazing runner and/or have run a half-marathon before, then the sky's the limit.

What kinds of training should you assist on doing for a 13 year old to run their first half marathon in the U.S.A?

A 13 year old is too young to run a half marathon. The minimum age in the UK is 17.

What pace do you need to run a half marathon in less than two hours?

A good pace, not too fast though. Go out and practice, time yourself, work up to the two hour time limit. You can do it.

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Is a heart rate of 166 average with no negative effects resulting for a marathon too high for a 55 year old male?

if your HR is 166 while you are running a marathon that's fine.... if it remains elevated after the marathon for an extended period of time that's not too good.

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