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39 inches is the height of Varsity 110m hurdles for men. JV is 36 inches.

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βˆ™ 2008-09-10 23:57:21
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Q: Is 39 inches the height of the high hurdle in high school?
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What is the High school 110 high hurdles height?

The hurdle height for 110mh is 36" (inches).

What is the high school 300 meter hurdle height?

30 inches

How high are girls high school hurdles?

In the USA the high school girls hurdle height is 33 inches.

How high is the hurdle set in the 100m hurdle race?

The height of the women's 100m hurdles is 33 inches (83.8cm).

What is the height of the high hurdle for girls high school?

The hurdle for girls hs is set on the 3rd to last setting and i dont know for sure the actual height. Hope this helped!

What is high school 300 M low hurdle height?

Two and a half feet

What is the height of a hurdle for the girls 300 meter race in high school?

pretty sure its 33

What is the height of a collegiate hurdle?

Men's - 110m hurdles are 42 inches high - 400m hurdles are 36 inches high Women's - 100m hurdles are 33 inches high - 400m hurdles are 30 inches high

How high is the mens hurdle?

42 Inches

What are the dimensions of a hurdle?

There are two basic hurdle heights: high hurdles and intermediate hurdles. The sprint hurdle races (60 m, 100 m and 110 m) use high hurdles, which are 42 inches for men and 33 inches (.84 m) high for women. Long hurdle races (400 m) use intermediate hurdles, which are 36 inches (.914 m) high for men and 30 inches (.762 m) high for women. Slightly lower heights (generally 3 inches (76 mm) lower) are sometimes used in youth or high school events.

How high are the hurdles in shuttle hurdles?

In high school they are intermediate height. I think its 33 inches not sure. But there intermediate height

How tall was Barry Sanders in high school?

Barry Sanders height in high school is not on any of his biographies. His height in 2014 is 5 feet 8 inches.

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