Is 30 pounds light for a bike?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Depends on the type of bike.

For a road bike - no.

For a hardtail MTB - no.

For a full suspension DH MTB - kinda.

For a townie/dutch bike with fenders, rack and all - yes.

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Depends on what kind of bike it is. For a road bike it'd be heavy. For a HT XC MTB it'd be a little heavy. For an FS AM MTB it'd be OK. For a FS DH MTB it'd be light. For a cruiser it'd be light.

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Oh, yes. A nice road bike is about half that weight.

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Q: Is 30 pounds light for a bike?
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Does a bike weigh 30 ounces or 30 pounds?

not unless it was only a few inches long

How light is the lightest racing bike?

Mine is about 15 pounds

How many pounds are light bmx bikes?

A good brakeless BMX bike will weigh anywhere from 19-23 pounds. One with brakes will generally weigh 24-30 lbs. Hope this helps!

What is light for a bmx bike?

17 pounds bec its dangerous for it to be too light

How light is the Sunday top shelf ian bmx bike?

15.6 pounds

Is twenty two pounds heavy for a bmx bike?

That is very light for a bmx, 25lbs is average

How many pound can you lose riding a bike for 30 mins four times a week?

Two pounds

What is a light and heavy weight for a mtb bike?

below 20 lbs would be light and above 30 would be heavy for an XC MTB.

How heavy should a bmx bike be?

normally a light street bmx bike on average around 10kg but can go down to 8kg, with Ti parts (titanium) most stock bikes com out at around 12-14kg.. but anything upto the 16kg in pounds i would sau 19 to 27 is good any higher than 27 is a tank lol

How do you make your bike lighter?

remove anything that you dont need like if u have gear brakes take off the hand brakes thats like five pounds less if you have 4 pegs remove at least 2 that would be about 2 pounds off ur bike get light thin tires to lighten up your bike thats about 10 pounds off ur bikw

What is the median of 30 pounds 52 pounds and 30 pounds?

30 pounds

Why would one use a bike lift?

One would use a motorcycle lift to raise the bike up to do routine maintenance and cleaning. As most lifts have a weight capacity of 600-1000 pounds, it makes light work of detailing and even storing the bike.