Is 30 30 deuce

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No, 30-30 is just called "30 all". Deuce would be when the score is 40-40 (remembering that the scoring system goes love, 15, 30, 40, then if necessary deuce and ad). It is fairly similar, however, because in both cases of 30 all and deuce one person must win two more points to win the game.

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Q: Is 30 30 deuce
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What would be between 30 and deuce?

It would be 40. The scoring in tennis is love, 15, 30, 40.Deuce is when the score is tied at 40.

How do you count scores in tennis?

Love 15 30 40 (Game or Deuce) If Deuce, ad-in or ad-out Game

Deuce in tennis?

Deuce in tennis means is 40 all :) as in 15 love, 30 love, 40, love and then if its 40 all peopel just call it deuce

How is duce used in tennis?

"Deuce", is used when both players have tied at three points in a game. 40-40. A deuce is when the player tie after that. You will need to understand ads to help you understand deuces. For instance: (here some basic scores for a deuce game) 15-0 30-0 30-15 40-15 40-30 40-40 DEUCE

Are love and deuce the only points in tennis?

No love means zero. it then goes love (zero), 15, 30, 40. and deuce is when it is 40 for both teams.

What actors and actresses appeared in Deuce - 2008?

The cast of Deuce - 2008 includes: Deuce Skurcenski as Deuce Lawrence Skurcenski as Deuce

In which Olympic sport would you see scores like 30-Love or Deuce?


What is duec in tennis?

Deuce* If your playing a game with deuces and ads, and the game gets to a point where the server is at 40, and your at 30 and you win the point and then both are 40-40 ; Which is called deuce. then its ads from there.

What is a deuce in basketball?

A deuce is 2 points. If someone shoots a two pointer, it is a deuce.

Correct spelling deuce or duece?


What is deuce 2?

Deuce 2, is when you reach deuce for the second time in the game.ex: 40-40 deuceadvantage-4040-40 deuce 2

Why isn't a 30 30 in tennis called deuce when you have to get two consecutive points to win?

30/30 in Tennisbecause it isn't at the point where you would normally win the game if you won the following point?.

What is a deuce topper?

deuce is called when 40-40 happend and who wins that game is called deuce topper

What do you say 30 all in terms of tennis?

You say 30-all when you are serving and you are announcing the serve. It is when you won two points and your opponent won two points. The points go like this: 15-30-45-game. And if it's 45-all, it's DEUCE. And then you have to score two points in a row after DEUCE to get game

How did deuce from Hollywood undead die?

Deuce isn't dead.

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Deuce Wayne is 5' 10".

What points are served from the deuce court in tennis?

An even number of points should have been decided when a serve is about to be delivered from the deuce court. In other words, all the odd number of 'points' should commence being decided via serving from the deuce court. Therefore, for instance, the very 1st point being played in any one game is served from the deuce court. When that point is won by a player or team, an odd number of points will have been decided for that game. Therefore, the scores cannot be level when you move to serve from the Ad court. They can be even, however, when the serve is about to be delivered from the deuce court. Thus when the ball is about to be served from the deuce court, the scoreboard must read as one of the following: 0-0 [Love all], or 0-30; 15-15 [called "15 all"], or 15-40; 30-30, or 30-0; 40-40 ["Deuce"] or 40-15. More simply put, the scores must be level, or one side must be 2 points up when serving from the deuce court.

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Because J3T and deuce had an argument and they had to decide who to kick out either J3T and JDOG or deuce so they kicked out deuce and ripped up his contract.

What is the umpire saying when the score is 40 to 40 at the French Open?

The French word for Deuce is 'Egalite', but in French Open tennis it appears the first call of Deuce ie. the next score after 30-40 or 40-30 is 'Quarante a' or obviously '40 all'. Apologies for the lack of accents!

How many deuce bigalow are there?

There two! Deuce Bigalow : Male Gigolo(1999) & Deuce Bigalow :European Gigolo (2005)

What are the origins of the tennis scoring system 15 30 40?

15 30 and 40 originated because clocks were used to keep the score in a game. before deuce (40-40) was introduced, the scores were 15 30 and 45, but after deuce was introduced, they changed it to 40 so that ad-in and ad-out could have a place at the 50 minute mark.