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You must fir got It mixed up somewhere on the lines cos the mens world recored is 18.29m I recon u probaly got 25feet

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Q: Is 25m a good score for triple jump for 15 year old girl?
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Is 7.51 a good triple jump score for a 12 year old girl?

Depends how tall you are. If you're over 150cm tall thats bad for your height

What is the farthest long jump score by a 12 year old girl?

My friend's sister is almost twelve and she can jump 24 feet in triple jump - she got third place in her meet -its says long jump in the question

Are England good at the triple jump?

They are one of the best at the triple jump

Best triple jump shoe to wear?

you can usually get good spikes specifically for triple jump, look on google and find some spikes their, it should tell you if they are specific to triple jump.

What is a good time to run the 100 and is 35'11'' good for a triple jump?

it really depends on your age,development,height ect.. but for a teen i would say 12-14 seconds is a good time for the 100m , 35 feet and 11 inches is a very good triple jump score if you are about 14-15 but think about your health and the pressure exerted on the body when performing these jumps.

What is the farthest triple jump for an 8th grade girl?

Such records are not kept or published.

Is 9m 33 inch a good jump for triple jump?

It depends on your age and gender, for a 13 or 14 year old girl that's GREAT Same with a 13 year old guy

You are in Grade 8 and you just jumped 1088 in triple jump Is this a good jump or should you work on getting farther?

that is good.

Standard plan of long jump and triple jump?

to jump the furthest??? :P not a very good question to understand what you want to know.

What is another name of hop step jump?

That is the nickname for the triple jump.

How do you use the word triple jump in a sentence?

He did a triple jump kick flip!

Are you allowed a running start in the triple jump?

Yes but not in the standing triple jump.