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Real grass is used on this particular field.

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Q: Is 2010 Super Bowl being played on artificial grass?
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What is the best grass for soccer?

Grass is the best surface for soccer to be played on. Artificial grass like Artificial Turf is the best.

What is a grass on which sports like baseball are played?

artificial grass i think

Which suppliers sell artificial grass online?

Artificial grass can be purchased online by several suppliers. sells artificial grass for a variety of lawn settings. Also, Costco offers artificial grass too.

How does artificial grass compare to real grass?

Artificial grass can have the same look and feel as real grass but saves on water consumption. In dry areas this works really well. The cost however of artificial grass is much higher than real grass.

What surface are baseball games played on?

Baseball games are played on both natural grass surfaces and artificial turf.

Does field hockey have to be played on artificial turf?

No it can be played anywhere but the ground she be flat and the grass should be very short.

What is inside grass?

Astroturf is the name of artificial grass. Some people use artificial grass for inside putting greens.

What are the pros and cons of artificial grass?

Artificial grass does not need mowing. It stays green. However athletes hurt themselves more on artificial turf.

Is hockey played on grass?

To put it simply: YES. "Field" hockey is played on everything; artificial turfs, grass, dirt, concrete, indoor courts, carpet; you name it, it has been done.

Why wet astroturf?

it is artificial grass

Does the target field have real grass or artificial grass?

Does target field have real grass

Is the Colorado coors field grass or artificial turf?

Real grass

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