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Of course not! I know some excellent martial artists that didn't start until they were in their 40's!

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Q: Is 16 too old to learn martial arts?
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There are many martial arts and variations of the arts not counting these variations how many martial arts are there?

Too many and too many variations of each.

Is 32 too old for mixed martial arts?

no cause not dan Henderson is 39

Is 32 too old to learn and possibly compete in mixed martial arts?

No if you work hard. I know a lot of people who are black belts etc that are older than that. Work hard and you can compete! =)

What ages are the other kids in the martial arts karate tae kwon do class?

There are classes for kids as young as 4 and as old as teenagers. Martial arts is a sports that grows with you. So as you get older you eventually learn new techniques, advance and perfect the old ones. When they're younger, it's more about fun and games, with learning thrown in too. Check for age brackets and more!

What should you do if you're desperate to learn real martial arts but can't take classes?

You should research online articles and watch videos of different arts. Reading books about martial arts is good too; we'd recommend a handbook of martial arts by Fay Goodman if you're into something like jeet kune do, but most likely there is someone in your area who practices martial arts, so try to find someone who can teach you until you can find a class to attend (they don't have to be a 6th-dan blackbelt master).

Is 23 too old for martial arts?

Certainly not! Learning a martial art is not related to age, it is related to the mind. Some of the most skillful practitioners I know did not start until in their 30's and 40's.

Who is better at martial arts Chuck Norris or steven seagal?

chuck Norris is better at martial arts of course. steven is too slow.chuck can cut flips around him.lova ya chuck.

What is known as the cradle of oriental martial arts and was built at the end of the 5th century ad?

This answer to this riddle is "Shaolin." However, the answer notion that it is the cradle of oriental martial arts is incorrect. China has martial arts long before the monks of Shaolin took up unarmed boxing in the 17th-century. Japan and Korea have records attesting to wars between various warriors, so they too had martial arts long before this time.

Where can I find an MMA workout routine?

You can probably find some on YouTube and at a sparring or martial arts store. Most MMA workouts are hardcore. Some other workouts from martial arts or athletes are good too.

Why do people take martial arts?

They take the arts because of two reasons, one is because it seems like something really exotic and interesting. The other reason is that in the world we live in one can never be "too" equipped to handle themselves in an attack situation. Martial arts is a much more complex version of fighting, it isn't just about punching and kicking, there is much more. The purpose of martial arts is to create a better citizen.

What sports do they have in Japan?

Well, they have Martial Arts, and all lot of sports that North America has too.

What martial arts involve using a bow?

Shaolin Kung Fu uses the Bow too.

Are there any martial arts that are weaponized?

Yes, many martial arts include the use of weapons.Many people have a misconception as to what a martial art is. Most have the idea that martial art means only the weaponless arts that originated in Asia. This is too limited a definition.A martial art is the study of the art of fighting. It includes all skills that are of value in combat. Archery, sword fighting, shooting, running, equestrian, swimming and dozens of others are considered martial arts, as they can be, and many were and some still are, used in combat.

Why shouldn't little kids be able too participate in fights or martial arts?

because they may get hurt

Is martial arts popular?

Yes, it is popular. Many people love Martial Arts. Many people do it. So I proved it. It is very popular. So many people enjoy doing it too. Some people think it's awesome! It is popular.

What kind of fighting do power ranger do?

They do martial arts and usually incorperate types of thingsa they do like gymnastics into them too.

Do Ninjas past down their techniques to the young?

Traditionally all martial arts were passed down within the family. It wasn't something that was shared outside the immediate family. There are ninjutsu schools where they teach ninja martial arts, but not too many.

Is 14 too old to start mixed martial arts?

No, its never to late to start really, just stick to your training and anyone with a positive attitude can succeed. Now you know! (and knowing is half the battle!)

What is considered to be the best martial arts for promoting physical fitness?

There are too many variables to determine. All martial arts can be quite effective in promoting the overall fitness of an individual. More important is to find one that an individual will practice and continue practicing for a long period of time. Many martial artists live longer then the average population.

You do p90x and martial arts Are you doing too much?

I run two Krav Maga training centers and a lot of my instructors do both and don't feel it is too much.

Why are nerve strikes not allowed in Mixed Martial Arts rules?

the chance for serious injury is too great and it becomes a liability issue

Does Rob Schneider really know martial arts?

I believe he does here is why number one some of those moves he performed in big Stan especailly with then nunchuck swinging there is no trick photography to that and furthermore and not just that he appeared along side jean claude van damme in the movie knockoff he was using martial arts in that movie too and that was before he was a well known like he is now that was before he got his deuce bigalow image created which ultimately made him famous so yes I do believe he knows martial arts now whether he is a martial arts master i don't know and on big Stan he had 6 months of training before he went to prison there is no way u can learn all that and then some of being a martial arts master in only 6 months it would take years to get as good as big Stan was to be able to break a brick with his fist to be able to run his middle finger thru a wooden board and furthermore to beat up a martial arts sensei who in their first fight whipped big Stan's ass and then the second fight big Stan whipped his ass that's no sudden thing he already knew martial arts before he did big Stan that's just my outlook on it i could be wrong but i don't think so

What sport do people play in china?

they dont really play sports but they have tourments in martial arts and they aare heavy in video game too

Is 21 years old too old for college?

No because you are never too old to learn.

How do you water bend and how to air bend like in avtar?

This can be answered one of 3 ways: 1) "Bending" the water and air is impossible in real life, dude. 2) If you mean how they do it in the show, that is up to suspension of disbelief. I buy it because it's too entertaining for me to care. 3) In real life, the movements they use are from 4 different martial arts forms (one for each element). If you wanted to learn martial arts the way they use their forms to bend, then you can look up what form they use and ways to learn them. I hope this helps.