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no i am six and blind but I can do it in three seconds

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โˆ™ 2012-06-18 20:33:25
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Q: Is 14 seconds for 100 meters year 7 girls good?
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Is 13 seconds a good time in a 100 meters for a 12 year old?

Yes, that is very good for a 12 year old while a man in the Olympics can run about 9 seconds for 100 meters.

What is a good time for 400 meters dash for a 55 year old man?

57 seconds

What is a good 200 meters time for a 40 year old?

Good question. I ran it last year at 29 seconds without much training. I turned 40 this year and with training will aim for 24 seconds.

Is a15 year old running 100 meters in 11 seconds a good time?

No it is not but for a 13 year old it would be.

What is good time for 200 meters for a 13 year old boy?

I'd say about 27 seconds

What is a good 300 meter dash?

is 42 seconds a good 300 meter girls time for a 17 year old

Is 17 seconds good for 12 year old girls in the 100m?

17 seconds is horrlble u try and get 14-15sec is okay

Is 11.2 a good time for a 14 year old boy in the 100 meters?

that's great a 14 year old should be running it under 12.50 seconds but that's crzy good, i run it in 12.37 seconds

Good time for 10 year old boy 25 meters freestyle?

My son is 9.5 years old and does 21.5 seconds, he is pretty good at his class

What is good time for 200 meters run for a 45 year old male?

A good time for a 200 meter dash ran by a 45-year-old male is around 30 seconds. Younger males will probably run it a few seconds faster.

What is fastest 100 meters for 60 year old?

60 seconds

What is a fast 100 meters for a fourteen year old boy?

I do not know. But when i was twelve, I ran a 100meter dash in about 12, 13 seconds. Is that good?

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