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no it is a great age to start,

go for gold

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Q: Is 11 too old to start ballet?
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Is it 2 old 2 start ballet at 11?

Hi There, It is absolutley not too old to start ballet at 11. I started ballet in 2001 when i was 12 and now I am in the New Zealand school of dance. Good Luck =)

Is 11 too late to start ballet or jazz?

no it is not just make sure u work hard

Is 11 too old to start gymnastics?

11 is not to old to start gymastics u could start it at about 5 if you realy wanted to

What AGE should someone start pointe dancing?

The age most Ballet dancers should start pointe danceing is from 11 to 13 years old. If you start pointe too young, you could break your foot It also depends on how well your ankle support is. If you don't have good ankle support you could break your foot easily. I had a question about the answer on the top. I am 11 years old and i have had ballet experience since I was 3 years old. I went to 7 ballet schools they all had mixed opinions. 5 of the schools said I should start pointe at 15 and 2 of the schools said I should start pointe at 12. And my old ballet school said that I should start pointe at 11. What do you think?? Thank you! :)

Can you do ballet if you are 11 years old?

you can do it at any age !!!

How old should you be to start dancing on pointe shoes?

well your ballet teacher should be the one to tell you if you are ready or not for your first pair of pointe shoes. but i started at 10 years old but most start at 11-14 years old. hope this helps :)

How old do you have to be to dance ballet?

To dance regular ballet you can be just about any age. To dance en pointe you should be AT LEAST 11.

Is it too late to learn ballet when your age is 11?

No, but you'll have to work ridiculously hard to catch up.

Your puberty started at 11 is that normal?

Yes, very normal, mine started at 11, too. It can even start as early as 8 years old.

Im 11 am i to young to start my period?

You are not too young, I started my period at 11 too and I thought i was too yound but some girls start at about 9 so you are not.

Is 11 years old too old?

It is too old for some things, old enough for some and too young for others.

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Yes, Im 11 too. i have had a boy friend he 11 too.

Should 11 year old shave?

i think she should start shaving. I am 11 years old and don't shave because i am too nervous to ask my mom. but i want to shave really badly!

When was Ballet Chancers created?

Ballet Chancers was created on 2008-11-16.

Is 145 pounds to much for a 5 ft 3 in 11 year old?

I think that that is too much for an 11 year old girl, if you were older, it my not be too much. But at age 11, too much.

Is age 13 to old to start ballet class in hope to be an amazing dancer?

I started dancing for the first time when I was 11. I am now 13 have come pretty far. I would say it is never too late. But it will be more difficult to catch up because you are older. Good luck and follow your dreams.(:

How old was the youngest girl to start her period?

Can start when they are 11

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It is way too tall for a 11 year old

Can an 11 year old babysit Newborn Infants?


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I don't think 11 years-old is too young to have a school boyfriend. All my friends that are 11 have school boyfriends. 11 is an age to start knowing what it is like to date. Just don't get into the Kissy stuff! If you really like him ask him if he wants to go out with u.

What is the average percent of Americans who do ballet?

11 %

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