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It depends on who is answering the question. "Fast" is too ambiguous.

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Q: Is 100 m fast if ran in 11 seconds?
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How fast can 11 year olds run the 100 meter sprint?

im 11 and ran it in 11.97 im 11 and ran it in 11.97 ^Really? The word record for women is 10.49 seconds. You must be a super-human /sarcasm I'm 11 and I ran it in 15 seconds. I think that would be about average.

Im 12 and i ran a 100 meter dash in 11 seconds?


How fast can Fernando Torres run 100 meters?

11 seconds or so

What is a fast time for 11 year olds in the 100 meter dash?

14.00-16.00 seconds

How fast can a dog run 100 meters?

The average dog is faster than the average human,but is not as fast as the top class sprinters.So i would say about 11 seconds for the 100 meters.

How many mph is 100 yards 11 seconds?

100 yards in 11 seconds is a pace of 18.6 mph

What is the fastest 100 meter dash run by a kid?

Well, I'm 11 years old and I'm the fastest person on my track team and I ran the 100 meter dash in 15.2 seconds.

How fast is your 40 meter dash if your 100 meters time is 11 seconds?

Your 11.0-second time in the 100m translates to 4.4 seconds in the 40 meters.

Eric ran 8 laps in 11 minutes 44 seconds how many seconds did it take eric to run 8 laps?

It took Eric: (11*60)+44 = 705 seconds

What is the fastest time for a 11 yr old 100m sprint?

I am 11 and i ran it in 11.19 seconds.

How many mph is 100 meters in 11 seconds?

100 meters / 11 seconds = 20.336 mph (rounded)

What is the average number of seconds it took Eric to run each lap if he ran 8 laps in 11 minutes and 44 seconds?

88 seconds

What is the average 30 yard dash for an 11 year old boy?

like 5.o seconds but i am 11 and i ran mine in 4.5

How fast does David beckham run 100m in?

11 seconds

A student runs 100 meters in 11 seconds what is the speed of the student?

9.09 m/s

Average 100 yard dash?

11 seconds

What would a time of 11 seconds in a 100 meter dash convert to in a 100 yard dash?

11.99 seconds because 100 yard dash is 91 meters. 100 meters/91 meters = 1.09 Then do 11 seconds x 1.09 = 11.99 seconds. If you round it, you basically be getting a 12 second 100 meter dash.

How fast can Lionel Messi runs the 60m?

in about 9-11 seconds...

How fast can 11 year olds run?

an 11 year ld can probaly do the 100m in 15 to 16 seconds

How fast can a cyote run?

The Fastest Cyote Only ran 11 miles per hour

Who is the fastest 11 year old girl?

i am not sure but my daughter ran a mile in 6 minutes and 18 seconds.

Who is the fastest 11 yearold in the world?

His name is Omar and he ran the 100m race in 11.23 seconds in his track meet

Fastest 11 year old 100 meter time?


What is the average time for a 40 yard dash for a 8 year old?

My brother dane is 8 and he ran it in a 5.94 but he is really fast. I am 11 and i ran it in 5.17

What is a good 40 time at age 11?

I ran it in 7.84 seconds when I was little and trust me kids usually aren't as fast as that so maybe around 10.50-11.67 is around the time they should have for an average I'm 11 almost 12 and I run a 6.21. 10 seconds is very slow. The fastest kid in our grade runs 5.59. I think 6-7 secs is average.