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Q: International football team beginning with v?
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A football team beginning with v?

The Vikings

What English football team beginning with v?

The [V] ikings

Football team beginning with v?

minnesota vikings

What are the names of football teams beginning with the letter V?

One pro team beginning with V is the Minnesota Vikings.

Is there a football team beginning with the letter v?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vale of

Football teams beginning with letter v?

Virginia Tech Hokies is a football team from Virginia Tech University. Vikings is the name of the National Football League team the Minnesota Vikings.

Football teams beginning with the letter v?

Vikings - Minnesota Vikings (NFL)

Sports team beginning with V?

volleyball is one of the sports that begin with the letter v

Can you name a famous football player with their first name beginning with v?

Vinny Testaverde and Vince Lombardi

Can you name a fruit beginning with v?

A fruit beginning with a v is vanilla

When did Ronaldo V-Football happen?

Ronaldo V-Football happened in 2000.

How is the letter V represent in international Morse code?

International Morse ' V ' : . . . _