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Yes, Rangers v Hearts circa 1998

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Q: Has four players from one football team ever been sent off?
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What sport has four players?


Which college football players wore number four?

Devin Hester

The number players on a football team field?

11 in USA ; 12 in Canadian version of Football which has 3 downs, not four.

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nichlas anelka

How many players are on an Australian Football League team?

There are 22 players in an AFL football team. 18 are on the field at one time with four players on the interchange bench, which can be used as a replacement at any time. This information comes from:

Players who have played for the republic of Ireland and played there football in Spain and all four levels of English league football?

No-one probably

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It would depend on the players who signed the football. Check eBay for similar products to get a good estimate of what someone would pay for it.

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Football players can usually only play in college for four years.

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no they haven't ever

Who set a high football record by returning four kickoffs for a touchdown?

There has not been a player to return four kickoffs for a touchdown in a single game. However, it has been done twice in a game by 10 different players, and most recently by Leon Washington.

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A football or Soccer team comprises 11 players on each side. So 4 teams would be 44 players. You can argue about how many substitues there are, but seeing as they are not on the field of play. the answer will still be 44.

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34 Thirty four

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Chelsea fielded the 1st overseas line up against Southampton in 1999. They did have four English players on the bench though.

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163 years

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The price will depend on the center, the time of day and day.

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four on the bench and then some emergencies if some of the players on the interchange bench pull out

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Bobby Zamora

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A group of four players would be a quartet of players.

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There are no NFL players, past or present, from the Dominican Republic. There are four players from Haiti, the country that shares the same Island as the Dominican republic. These players are Vlad Ducasse, Junior Galette. Gosder Cherilus and Ricot Joseph.

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football Manchester united 7-1 burnly

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pat devlin has stuck on the dolphins for four years

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Lou macari was one, for Scotland

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In South Africa Rugby Union Players are paid an average of four times that of Football players who in turn urn more or less the same as the Cricket Players before the IPL Cricket Tournament was formed.