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Derry City, West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United! Less winnings are actually loads of winnings so ha!

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Q: International football Teams that have qualified for all world and European cups competitions?
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What non-league football competitions are there?

Some non-league football competitions will depend on which league and form of football one is referring to. In European football (soccer in North America) there are tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup.

When were penalty shoot-outs introduced in European football competitions?

they wer introduced in 1891

Who do Scotland play football for?

Themselves. They have their own national team which plays in international competitions.

What sport do people play in the Czech republic?

Two most favourite sports are Football (european) and Ice hockey. Others that are watched mainly in case of international competitions are Biathlon or Tennis.

How many times have Ireland qualified for the euros?

Ireland has qualified for the European Football Championship finals on 2 occasions. In 1987 they qualified for Euro 88 and in 2011 they qualified for Euro 2012.

Most capped international European football player?

Vitālijs Astafjevs

What is the international governing body of soccer called?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association commonly known as FIFA is the governing body of almost every football league across the world and is in charge of international competitions.

Why does Israel play in European football leagues?

For political reasons and fallouts with the Asian countries, Israel is member of the UEFA rather than AFC and hence participates in European Competitions.

What football competitions can Brazil play in?


How much do football clubs get for winning competitions?


Why does Israel play football in Europe?

It was decided by f.i.F.A that Israel could play in Europe mainly for security reason. Another reason could be the Arab countries will not play with them.Although geographically not in EUROPE,Israel is within the European Broadcasting Area and can thus participate European Song Contest and European Football Competitions

Has Switzerland won any European cups?

The Switzerland national football team has only ever qualified for the European Championship three times and has never made it past the first round.

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