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400 not out off 582 balls by Brian Lara on 10th April 2004 at St. John's against England.

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Q: Individual highest ever cricket test score?
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What is the highest ever score of Australia against India in the Test Cricket?

Highest ever score by Australia against India in Test Cricket is 674 at Adelaide in 1948.

What was Don Bradman's highest ever score?

He scored 452 in first class national cricket. In international "test" cricket, his highest score was 334 not out at Headingly in England.

What was Donald Bradman's highest run ever?

Donald Bradman's highest score in Test Cricket was 334 and in First Class Cricket 452(not out).

Who is best batsman of test cricket?

technically the best ever test cricket batsman was don bradman the prson with the most ever test centurys was jack hobbs. Brian Lara got the highest individual score at 400 not out

What is the highest individual team score in a BCS Bowl game ever?


What is England's highest ever one day cricket score?

391-4 v Bangladesh at Nottingham in 2005

Who made the highest PAC rat score?

The highest score ever was 1,322,060.

Who is arsenal's highest soccerer ever?

7 is their highest score ever.

What is the highest score that the West Indies has ever made against India in both one day innings and test cricket matches?

it can be amazing

What is the lowest ever score of Australia against India in Test Cricket?

The lowest ever score by Australia in Test Cricket against India is 83 at Melbourne in 1981.

What is the lowest cricket score ever?

The lowest cricket team score was by Canada. It took 36 runs. It was playing against SriLanka.

What is the highest score on PAC man?

The highest score ever achieved in pac man was 3,333,360.

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