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Q: Including regular season and regular season extending into playoffs how many MLB teams have won 19 of 20 games in a season?
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Most wins in NFL?

Chicago Bears, as of start of 2011 season, 704 Regular Season wins, 721 including Playoffs. Green Bay Packers are second with 664 Regular Season wins, 693 including Playoffs. NY Giants are third with 636 Regular Season wins, 656 including Playoffs. Pittsburg Steelers are fourth with 546 Regular Season wins, 579 including Playoffs. source: NFL

How many games are there in regular season baseball and playoffs including the world series?

The most games played in one season including playoffs are179. ( Not including Spring Training )

How many games in year?

There are 181 games in the regular season (not including the playoffs).

What major league baseball team has the most wins in a season including playoffs?

The 1998 New York Yankees with 125 wins ... 114 in the regular season and 11 in the playoffs.

What was the record of the 2006 patriots?

12-4 in the regular season, 14-5 including the playoffs.

What was the New England Patriots Record for the 2006-2007 season?

12-4 in the regular season, 14-5 including the playoffs

Nba team most wins in a season including playoffs?

Pretty sure this is the correct answer. 72-10 regular season 15-3 playoffs leading to a championship 87-13 overall I would assume this is correct because the Bulls hold the regular season record for wins in a season. Adding to this the most wins possible in the playoffs at that time and I believe this is correct.

How many games are played in NHL season?

Each team plays 82 regular season games (not including playoffs). Counting all teams 1,230 games are played during the regular season.

What is a regular season play?

Not the playoffs.

How many points does Wayne Gretzky have?

Wayne has scored 2,857.5 regular season points and 2 points including playoffs.

What is meant by playoffs that Cowboys won?

The playoffs are held after the regular season in any given year (including Super Bowl appearances). As of the 2014 season, the Dallas Cowboys have won 34 playoff games and lost 26.

How many games are in a WNBA season?

There are 34 games in a WNBA season, not including playoffs. The most there could possible be in a season, including playoffs, would be 43.

Who is the only team Jacksonville Jaguars have not beat in the playoffs or regular season?

As of the 2008 season, that would be the St. Louis Rams who have defeated the Jaguars in both of their regular season meetings. The Jaguars have not defeated the New England Patriots in the regular season but have defeated them in the playoffs.

How many games are played in NHL?

Each team plays 82 regular season games (not including playoffs). Counting all teams 1,230 games are played during the regular season.

How many games does a NFL team play in a season?

As of 2009, there are 4 pre-season games, 16 regular season games, and up to 4 more including playoffs and the Super Bowl.

What months does professional basketball season run?

It depends on what part of the season you are talking about_pre-season, regular season, or playoffs. It also depends on how far you go in the playoffs.

What is the fewest losses in a nba season including playoffs?

The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. They won 72 games in the regular season while only losing 10 games, and then they won 15 games in the playoffs while only losing 3.

Who wins most games in MLB single season including playoffs?

The new york yankees, 1998 with 114 regular season wins and 11 post season wins for a total of 125 wins!!

How many games did the packers win in history?

In their history, the Green Bay Packers have won 730 games, including regular season and playoffs/championships.

How many basketball games has the rapters won?

Including the regular season and the playoffs, The Toronto Raptors have won 535 games since founded in 1995.

Did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar score 38387 just in the regular season or is this total for the regular season and the playoffs?

No, in whole career

There are 82 games to a hockey season does this include playoffs?

No, there are 82 games in the regular season.

What season is baseball played in?

All of them, Execpt for winter. Spring-Spring training Summer-regular season Fall-End of regular season, playoffs

Which defenseman scored the most goals in a season?

Paul Coffey holds the record for most goals scored by a defenseman in both the regular season and playoffs: 1985-86 regular season: 48 goals 1985 playoffs: 12 goals

When did the cowboys first make the playoffs?

After the 1966 regular season.