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There are no specific high school courses that are geared towards becoming a cheerleader. For individuals wanting to pursue a career as a professional cheerleader they should enroll in dance classes such as jazz and hip hop as well as gymnastics. They should also join a Cheerleading squad.

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There are no real academic classes on how to be a cheerleader. Even though a professional cheerleader is a career it is a very limited one. First of all, there is no guarantee you will make the squad. Second, there is only so long that your body can keep up with the demand cheerleading requires. You need to have a career as a fallback, if being a professional athlete does not work out. These are the classes you focus on in school. To help with becoming a cheerleader, enroll in an All-Star team where you can learn the skills you need to cheer.

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Q: In yr9 when you get your choices what should you take on in school to be a professional cheerleader?
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What should a cheerleader school have?

A Cheerleader MUST have : Team Spirit Flexibility helps A good Smile Loud voice Know the cheerleader CODE AND last of all KNOW HOW TO HAVE Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What subjects should you take in school if you want to be a pro cheerleader and singer?

chorus or show choir

How do you look like a cheerleader?

you wear a skirt and a shirt that has your school name on it and you buy ribbons and tie them in your hair but dont wear it to school or somewhere real cheerleaders will be because then they will think you are tying to be a wannabe DONT TRY TO ACT LIKE A CHEERLEADER!!! if your really not a cheerleader then either try out or it wasnt for you if you are a cheerleader this is a stupid question because you know what you should act like

What type of panties should a Jr High and High School cheerleader wear under their spankies?

Eew Your Gross!

Name something a devoted cheerleader would most certainly know about her school?

A devoted cheerleader should know just about EVERY aspect of her school. I am Senior Cheerleading captain at my school and could tell you anything about our football team. For the last four years I have followed our team as close as possible. A devoted cheerleader definitely needs to know who the athletes she cheers for are! You can not successfully cheer for your team if you do not personally know them. You should also continuously support them! Every week we make "spirit" bags for our football players. It normally includes a gift and various types of candy. Last but not least, a cheerleader should be familiar with her schools history. You never know when you are going to come across a former coach! They always want to talk about all the championships they one... etc. However, a cheerleader also needs to remember you are not just cheering for your team! You are a cheerleader and represent your school. Therefore, you should always conduct yourself appropriately.

What type of bra should a Jr High and High School cheerleader be wearing?

Probably a sport bra, and one that is your size.

Should you wear hats to school?

If it is a very professional school no but if it is a regular public school only have it on outside not in class

How can one become a cheerleader for the Houstan Texans?

To be a cheerleader for the Houston Texans one should have some dance or cheerleader experience. One should audition an open tryout when they have yearly search for new talent.

What should a cheerleader look like?

Cheerleaders come in all different shapes and sizes. There is no way that a cheerleader SHOULD look. Some men are cheerleaders, and other cheerleaders have down syndrome. Anyone can be a cheerleader.

what is the best professional school?

Yes, you should! You have created such a relationship with that studio.

What weight should you be in at age13 and a cheerleader?

It doesn't matter.

Should you do dental or medical school?

Both are fine career choices. You should go into whichever field you feel would make you happy.