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You would find the "jump shot" in Basketball.

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Q: In which sport would you find the 'jump shot'?
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Related questions

In which sport would you find the jump shot?

In basketball

In which sport would you find jump shot?

basket ball

What is jump shot term used in which sport?


What sport dose jessica ennis play?

Long jump,100 hurdles,100m, 200m,high jump, shot putt, javelin

What is a jump shot in basketball?

A jump shot is a shot you take when you jump in basketball!!!

What sport does Jessica Ennis do in the 2012 Olympic?

Hepthalon which is a seven event sport held over 2 days, she will take part in 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m dash, long jump, javelin and 800m run.

What sport would a split shot sinker be used in?


When would a jump shot be used in a basketball game?

When the prostitutes come out.

What does a Suburban jump shot mean in basketball?

White Boy jump shot

When was Jump Shot Media created?

Jump Shot Media was created in 2010.

In which sport would you employ the O'Brien shift?

Found the answer - it is Shot Putt

Is jump shot allowed in snooker?

No. A jump shot, either intentional or unintentional, is a foul stroke.

How do you make a jump shot?

You run and then you jump and stop then jump and shoot.

What summer Olympic sport offers the widest variety of events?

The Decathlon is the only summer olympic sport which has the most varied events: # 100 metres # Long Jump # Shot # High Jump # 400 metres # 110 metres Hurdles # Discus # Pole Vault # Javelin # 1500 metres

When are Lay ups Set shots and Jump shots used in basketball?

lay ups:when you're running towards the basket, you lay it up jump shot:when you are further out (eg. outside the 3 point line) you perform a jump shot to get it further because a jump shot is more powerful than a standard set shot set shot:when you shoot the ball while both feet are planted on the floor. you would do this for a shot that is close range

How do you wall jump in left 4 dead?

if u find a bilding then if there any 2 bilding then ctrl+right shot + then left shot tnx xD

What Olympic Sports are held today but were not held in the ancient Olympics?

every sport part from running, discus, boxing, wrestling, shot put, javelin and long jump

Who had the best jump shot in the NBA?

The amazing Ray Allen has the best jump shot in the NBA, or Monta Ellis.

What is the most used shot in basketball?

jump shot

Name seven events a heptathlete would compete in?

a heptathlete would compete in 200-800m runs, 100m hurdles, shot put, javelin throw high jump, and long jump

What sport does English athlete Jessica Ennis play?

She is a decathlete, which is a series of ten sports including long jump, 100m and shot put, played over two days

A whitechapel is the name of a shot in which sport?

in no sport. Its a place

Who invented the jump shot?

Also historians say that Kenny Sailors invented the jump shot in the mid 30's.

How many points is a jump shot?

It depends on where you are when you shoot it. If your feet are behind the three point line, then the jump shot is worth 3 points if your feet are on or in front of the three point line then the jump shot is worth 2 points.

In basketball when you catch a rebound can you fake a shot then dribble?

yes, that is perfectly legal. just don't jump to fake the shot, that would be traveling.