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You run and then you jump and stop then jump and shoot.

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Q: How do you make a jump shot?
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What is a jump shot in basketball?

A jump shot is a shot you take when you jump in basketball!!!

What do you do if you cant make a jump shot?

pass the ball

Does a persons height affect his or her ability to succesfully make a jump shot in basketball?

no it depends on their shot

What does a Suburban jump shot mean in basketball?

White Boy jump shot

When was Jump Shot Media created?

Jump Shot Media was created in 2010.

Does a persons height affect his or her ability to successfully make a jump shot in basketball?


What events make up the penathalon?

Pentathlon is: 100m hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, and the 800m run.

In which sport would you find the 'jump shot'?

You would find the "jump shot" in Basketball.

Is jump shot allowed in snooker?

No. A jump shot, either intentional or unintentional, is a foul stroke.

Does a persons height affect his or hers ability to successfully make a jump shot in basketball?

Definitely not. A short person can make a shot just as well as a tall person. The ease of making the shot may be affected, but not otherwise.

Does hand size affect a person's ability to make a jump shot?

Yes, it is very important.

What is the most used shot in basketball?

jump shot

Who had the best jump shot in the NBA?

The amazing Ray Allen has the best jump shot in the NBA, or Monta Ellis.

What events make up a heptathlon?

heptathlon is done by women and has the 100m hurdles, long jump, shot put,200m, long jump, javelin and 800m

Who invented the jump shot?

Also historians say that Kenny Sailors invented the jump shot in the mid 30's.

How many points is a jump shot?

It depends on where you are when you shoot it. If your feet are behind the three point line, then the jump shot is worth 3 points if your feet are on or in front of the three point line then the jump shot is worth 2 points.

When you shoot a deer do they jump or stumble?

A good shot in the vitals will make a deer jump high and kick like a bull. but mostly depends on where you hit, weapon, angle of shot and deer. I have had big bucks fall down instantly and a small doe run 150 yards after being shot in the heart

What are the release dates for Jump Shot - 1985 - VG?

Jump Shot - 1985 - VG was released on: USA: 1985

What seven events does a heptathete compete in?

The seven events that make up a heptathlon are the 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 800m, long jump, javelin throw and 800m.

In basketball what is a j?

A jump shot

Can you jump on a foul shot?


Three types of shot in basketball?

Jump shot, layup, and [slam] dunk.

What are the three main types of shooting in basketball?

Hook shot, jump shot and layup.

What is the five field events?

Pole Vault, Discus, Javelin, Shot Put, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump

What are the pentathlon events?

Hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump, and the 800m run.