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Q: In which sport would you 'knock up' to start a game?
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In what sport is the term kickoff used?

There are several sport that use a kickoff term as a rule on the game such as Football, Rugby and Soccer. Kickoff usually used at the start of the game.

What is the starter role in sport?

A starter role in a sport is when you start out in the game in the beginning and then normally you get pulled out by the coach and are on the bench until you get back in.

Is Pokemon a sport?

The video game would be an e-sport when used via online competitive tournaments. The card game isn't but should.

What is bowling game?

Bowling is a sport where you throw a round bowl down a lane to try and knock down the most pins. If you do not knock down all the pins the first time, you get a second try to knock down the rest. If you don't make that, its the next person's turn. If you knock down all 10 pins, its considered a strike.

Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

Is the game from California or Los Angeles?

That would depend on the sport and the date.

What is the name of the game played with sword in Olympics?

That sport would be Fencing.

When did the sport of lacrosse first start?

The sport of lacrosse first started as a war game. It was used to settle disputes between Native American tribes.

Is football a game or sport?

It is basically both a game and a sport.

How do you start a conversation about the sport the boy you like plays whenever you are interested in that sport too?

start by saying something about the scores of the most recent game of the sport. then hopefully he will give you his opinions and veiws on it and you can agree or disagree, blah blah blah so on..........

Is darts a sport or game?

darts is a sport

How was the game volleyball made?

The game volleybol was invented by Kyle Stockton in 1969 when he wanted to invent a sport that he would be good at. It is now a popular sport among women

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