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its Rugby

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Q: In which sport is the Brownlow medal awarded at?
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In which sport is the brownlow medal awarded?

The AFL (Australian Football League)

When was Brownlow Medal created?

Brownlow Medal was created in 1924.

What sport did brownlow play?

If your referring to Charles 'Chas' Brownlow the answer is Australian rules football. He was known for having the Brownlow medal named in his honour. He also played Cricket and was Secretary of the Geelong Cricket Association.

Who won the brownlow medal in 2007?

Jimmy Bartel won the 2007 AFL Brownlow Medal

Who is the Brownlow Medal named after?

The Brownlow Medal was named in honor of Charles Brownlow, who was a former Geelong footballer and Australian rules football administrator.

Who was the youngest person to win the brownlow medal?

Youngest brownlow winner

Who won the brownlow medal in 2009?

Gary Abblet Junior won the Brownlow Medal and second was Chris Judd.Gary Ablett

Who won the Brownlow medal in 1996?

Michael Voss won the Brownlow medal in 1996 when he was 21 playing for the Brisbane Bears

Who has won the most Brownlow votes?

Gary Dempsey, he has a career total of 246 Brownlow votes with one Brownlow medal win.

Who won the first Brownlow Medal in the AFL?

Tony Liberatore of Footscray won the Brownlow Medal in 1990. This was the first year of the national competition - the AFL - Australian Football League. Edward Greeves of Geelong won the very first Brownlow ever awarded in the VFL - Victorian Football League: in those days, the competitions were run state by state, separately. The AFL is the national competition.

Who won the brownlow medal in 2010?

Chris Judd. He won his second Brownlow Medal this year (2010) with 30 votes. He won his first in 2004.

Who won the Brownlow medal in 1985?

Brad Hardie

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