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Nigel Mansell is a famous Formula One driver. Nigel Mansell became the F1 world drivers champion in the year 1992. He was on pole for a record 14 out of the 16 races that year and won 9 races that season. He scored a total of 108 points that year. He drove for the Williams Renault team. He did not finish 4 out of the 16 races but on the remaining 12 races he was on the podium scoring either a 1st or 2nd position.

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Q: In which sport is nigel mansel a champion?
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Who was Formula 1 Champion first Nigel Mansel or James Hunt?

James Hunt. He was world champion in 1976 whilst Nigel Mansell was world champion in 1992. They raced in different eras.

Who was formula one champion first Nigel Mansel or James Hunt?

It was James Hunt. James Hunt won the F1 drivers world title before Nigel Mansell. James Hunt won the title in the year 1976 and was the 15th world champion whereas Nigel Mansell won in the year 1992 and was the 23rd world champion.

How many races did nigel mansel win in formula one?

Nigel Mansell won 31 Grand Prix during his 191 race career.

How many times did Nigel Mansel win the Grand Prix?

he won the title in 1992, and won 31 rances and 32 poles.

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