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Q: In which sport do you win badges?
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Is there a limit on how many badges you can have on WikiAnswers?

No, absolutely not. Your profile may sport as many badges as you have earned.

How many badges do you need to win to enter the Hoenn Pokemon league?

8 badges

How do you get new nanovor?

you have to get badges and win matches

How can you have all badges in pk indigo pc?

you win to all the gym leaders and you should have all the badges

Did ash win at the battle frontier?

yep he did win it and got all the badges to show it

In which sport do you finish last and win?

the sport that if you finish last you win is... SOCCER!!!!!!

How many badges can you have on WikiAnswers at the same time?

As Many As You Have EarnedThere is no limit to the amount of badges you can have on your profile; you can basically sport as many badges as you have earned. (To find out who has the most badges, see the Related question.)

What does a membership to do?

it means you can win badges and do many more on the site.

How do you earn badges on build a bear ville?

You win them or trade them x

Is it always important to win at sport?

no it is not important to win a sport it s just a game

How do you earn badges on Cartoon Network?

go to a badge game and do the thing acquired to win the badge so you win it

How do you get to pastoria or sunyshore city after you win four gym badges?

eat poo

A sport in which move backwords to win?

In the sport called Backward Race you have to run backwards and reach the finish line first to win.

Where do you catch legendary Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon deluge?

You have to win badges. If you look on the pokedex it says if had.............

What do you do after you win all 8 eight kanto badges in heartgold?

Then you have to face the Elite Four

Is there a boxing merit badge?

No- boxing is not an authorized sport in the BSA. There are Sports and Personal Fitness merit badges.

What did the Egyptians win in their sport?


Nature and description of the sport?

to win

What level do you need to be to go to elite 4 in Pokemon pearl and to win them?

first you need all the badges and your Pokemon should be 63-100 to win

In which sport you stay behind and win?


What is a sport start with b and you have to go back to win?

Backstroke swimming is a sport in which you must swim backwards to win.

What sport does Australia win most gold medals?

they win in the swimming events such as breststoke

Are Girl Scout Junior badges the same as Cadette badges?

No, the Cadette badges are different than Junior badges.

What is Barcelona's most popular sport?

Barcelona's most popular sport is soccer. They're in it to win it!

What is the correct definiton for individual team sport?

Team sport is a group of people who compete together to win. Individual sport is when the competition is 1 vs 1. Individual team sport is when two people compete against each other to win a point or match for their team. Tennis is an individual sport but it becomes a team sport when multiple individuals come together.

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