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Q: In which sport do players take short and long corners?
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In which sport do people take long and short corners?


What ball and stick sport has long and short corners?

My favourite sport, Lacrosse

Why did Fred Rogers where long sleves?

Its way to difficult to sport a short sleeved sweater.

How long has short track speed skating been an olympic sport?

It has been an Olympic sport since 1763 and is still being played today.

What is the name of sport having indoor activity where two players use long swords to fight against each other?


Which recoil pad comes standard with a Browning Cynergy 20 gauge Euro Sport short medium or long?

Medium. The short is 1/2" less, and the long 1/2" more.

Is lacrosse an aerobic or anaerobic sport?

Aerobic. Aerobic and Anaerobic aspects of the sport are very position specific. Midfield positions require long distance running and are primarily aerobic (approx. 70% aerobic), while defense and attack players focus mostly on agility and short bouts of sprints (70-75% anaerobic).

How do you know a rectangle is a rectangle?

It has two short sides and two long sides. The sides come in pairs of parallel lines. The sides make 4 right angles at the corners.

When did speedskating become an Olympic Sport?

Long track, or 400 meter oval speedskating, became an olympic sport at the first winter Olympics back in 1924. Short track, or hockey-rink speedskating, became an olympic sport in 1992, having been a demonstration sport at the 1988 games.

Does crayon have a long or short a sound?


What is better long hair or short hair?

it depends what thing you do ? if you do a lot of sport then you may want short hair and long hair usely can get head lice but can be treated hope this was any help and what would you prefer long or short and short is easier to keep cleen and healthy

What sport has the most members on a team?

The sport with the most players on the field at any one time is Australian Rules Football, with 18 men from both teams, meaning 36 players in total, With an additional 4 players on the interchange bench, who aren't considered subs as the bench is freely interchangeable during regular gameplay, at times reaching 100 rotations a game